Ever wondered what are the best golf shoes to buy? If you are a golf player, you most probably know what “smooth green” mean. If not, you might want to know that it denotes consistent flow of ball through the green area. Apart from lumps, spikes from regular shoes can ruin these greens; thus leaving an uneven surface for the next player after you. This can be easily be prevented by using spikeless golf shoes.

mens puma spikeless golf shoes

Brief History

It was in the 1990’s era when golf shoes that were spiked with aluminum came into the picture. This footwear featured small spikes that were sticking out from the sole and provided additional traction for swinging. This is especially helpful on wet environments and steep slopes. However, these spikes distorted the greens and caused hassles to golf players. This was when spikeless golf shoes came into the scene. Since their release, many golf players started to prefer their golf shoes spikeless, most particularly during rainy seasons when greens are delicate.

Benefits of Spikeless Golf Shoes

Whether you are wearing womens spikeless golf shoes or spikeless golf shoes for men, you can get a good hold of the benefits this footwear can provide. The benefits of spikeless golf shoes are the following:

  • While not all spikeless shoes are equal, they generally provide smoother greens since they leave only a few lumps on the ground.
  • With regards to comfort, top spikeless shoe brands like Nike golf shoes are considered more preferable than spike shoes because they do not submerge even when the ground is soft.
  • In addition, spikeless shoes offer easier walking on tough surfaces like concrete path.
  • These shoes also lessen the wear and tear effect on the carpets of the clubhouse and lengthen the life of golf cart’s flooring.

Cons of Spikeless Golf Shoes

Like other things, spikeless shoes also have their corresponding drawbacks.

  • Since these shoes gather grass along the way, there is a tendency for you to slip easily, especially if you don’t clean them regularly.
  • Some models also reduce the traction on the ground, especially if it is wet or grassy.
  • In some instances, spikeless shoes can also damage the greens in golf courses.

puma PG tallula spikeless golf shoes for women


You just had the most valuable information about spikeless golf shoes. If you are planning to buy a pair and still skeptical, you can always ask a golf shoe expert to determine which brands offer the best traction, comfort, and green protection.