Repairing trucks and cars nowadays is not simple as before. There are new models that involve dedicated tools for them to be repaired and removed. Changes occur every now and then and must be going with the flow of what newer technology it takes. As a mechanic or a vehicle owner, it is very important that one carries along a set of essential automotive tools for emergency purposes like a flat tire. For an easy way to repair any form of vehicle, the one should know at least the basic automotive tools that must be used in repairing and removing any part from the trucks and cars. Here is the list of the automotive tools:

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Important Automotive Tools You Must Always Have

  • Floor jack is used to raise your car. It is very helpful for you especially if you want to work just by yourself. As we all know that this is not a part of the car tools but this is very essential if you have this one. Most of the mechanic used floor jack than the standard car jack because it is steadier. It has long handles for your own comfort when operating it and most especially it is faster than the car jacks.

  • Jack stand is also one of the most important tools among the automotive tools. It will serve as the holder of the weight of the car. After raising the car using floor jack, you will be looking for jack stand to hold it up. It is advised that you should use jack stand for stability.

  • Screwdrivers are very vital in repairing a car. There are common screwdrivers that are used like Philips screwdriver, torx screwdriver and flat-head screwdrivers. Screwdrivers are the basic automotive tools. Definitely, you will not use screwdriver if you are working with heavy jobs.

  • Another automotive tools are pliers. The mechanic should have the complete set of pliers so that it is easier for him to manage the clip and bolt. It is said that pliers are all in one. The needle-nose is ideal for loosening clips and removing unreachable fuses. Vise grip is also one of the pliers that contributes in locking down the bolts from the different part of the car.

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  • Ratchets wrench are very useful automotive tools especially when you are dealing with bolts. If you have the complete set of the ratchet, it is easier and faster for you to repair any loosen bolts. It is simply because you do not need to take away the socket.

  • Wrenches are also amongst the vital automotive tools. Since there are a lot of nuts and bolts in a typical automotive from those that connect the engine parts together to the tires, you need them just incase you need to remove or replace them. You would need a mixture of box-end wrenches, open-end wrenches, an adjustable open-end wrench, lug or tire wrench and so on.

To keep these essential automotive tools in a tidy spot in your vehicle and not just scattered anywhere, you would need a handy toolbox to house all of them. Also, don’t forget to have a flashlight or lamp in your vehicle just in case your vehicles bugged down at night.