What is tire balancing? It is the act of realigning the car wheels with the weight of the car. If the wheels or tires not properly aligned with the weight of the car, it will result into a wobbling effect on the wheels. The wobbling will affect the motion of the car as it will vibrate especially when the car is moving at high speeds. Hence, tire balancing is a critical factor for the overall stability of the car.

mobile heavy duty truck wheel balancer

Its Importance

Tire balancing helps the car to attain stability even if it is moving at very high speeds. If the tires are not well balanced, the car will vibrate when moving. Here are the disadvantages of unbalanced tires.

  • The vibration will hinder the car from moving at high speed.
  • Also, vibration affects other parts of the car, specifically the movable parts.

The vibration of the car which are caused by poor alignment of the wheels can result in damage of the car in the long run if tire balancing is not done early enough. This should also be done after the car has travelled long distances because the wheels can become asymmetrical over time.

How Is It Done

Tire balancing is done at the factory during the manufacturing process especially in large tire manufacturing companies such as Harley Davidson. Here are the things that are happening in this manufacturing stage.

  • It is done to ensure that the tires manufactured are uniform and can balance evenly when put on the cars.
  • If the tires are found to be defective at the manufacturing stage, they can then be taken back for rework to ensure that they are stable.

easy computer car dynamic balancing machine

Tire balancing can also be done once the wheels of a car have been fitted. Balancing tire at this stage is done using the wheel alignment machines which are available in different mechanic shops. The wheel alignment can be a simple procedure especially if done by experienced workers or the experts. Then, tires get tested at the factory before they are released in the market to ensure that the tires have a perfect balance. If the tires are not checked before leaving the factory, they can become defective as the tires won’t balance well when used on the road.

Tire balancing is an important part for major companies that produces quality tires such as Harley Davidson tires because the tires have a warranty to ensure that they satisfy the needs of the user. If the tires are not well balanced, the users can return them for replacement. Ensure that your vehicle’s wheels or tires are balanced to ensure stability when driving.