Isolators are components of numerous electric devices and their basic function is to prevent contact of different circuits in the devices. The signals emitted from isolators are interconnected and the whole transmission process is very controlled. It is thus essential to realize the importance of isolators before you actually start looking for one.

When Do You Need an Isolator?

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  • Your equipment was working fine when tested but it isn’t showing the same performance in the plant.
  • Readings show fluctuations when another piece of equipment is connected to it, even though these equipment are not correlated to each other.
  • When you need to connect two electric devices with varying grounding requirements.
  • The measurement shows fluctuations when you operate other electrical devices in the surroundings.

The issues you must focus upon are mainly common mode noise, ground loops and the safety of the plant. All these factors play a very important role in the importance of isolators. When there are fluctuations or disturbances due to these, an isolator is your best option.

There are numerous types of isolators such as the ground loop isolator and the electric isolator. Whatever may be your need, the basic requirements are the same for each. You need to keep certain things in mind while selecting an isolator.

Factors You Should Remember When Selecting an Isolator

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  • Power: Isolators can also be divided based on the power. They are Auxiliary powered, Output Loop powered and Signal Powered. What you select depends on your requirement and the purpose you want it to serve you. The power requirements must also be noted. Industrially, you may require 24 to 240 Volts. If you get an isolator with the wrong voltage supply, it will be really difficult for you and will increase your expenses. Hence you have to be very careful with this factor.
  • Configurability: Both the input as well as the output’s configurability need to be kept in mind. The range of signals that it can handle must be wide for it to be efficient. This is also one way to save your expenses but you have to weigh both these factors together and get the best deal.
  • Technology: Two types of technologies may be used and they are micro-based and analogue. What you choose from these will depend upon your preference of plant staff. Some staff is comfortable with the prior while the rest is comfortable with the latter.

Indeed, the importance of isolators is huge and thus, it is vital to know their basics. Not only will it help you save a lot of money, it also makes your life easier.