Many home owners experience extremely low temperatures during the winter seasons and such can be very dangerous. However, by installing a heat tape, you can be sure of a lasting solution to the water pipes. With proper installation, home owners are sure of preventing their homes from major damages caused by water when pipes burst. Here, electrical cables are wrapped around the water pipes such that even if temperatures drop, the tape heats up to about the normal temperatures. This therefore prevents freezing.

proper heat tape installations

How to Install a Heat Tape

 Installation of the heat tape is a simple exercise as long as you are working with an expert. Homes that have the tapes already installed should ensure that they are properly installed and that they are not torn. Incidences such as fire outbreaks in homes are results of heat tapes that were poorly installed or installed by unqualified personnel.

During the installation process, it is a great idea to use a heat resistant insulation tape to cover the water pipe. The outer insulation surface protects water from dropping in the wires and causing fires. The tape needs to be run on the water pipes and anywhere else that the temperatures can drop below some degrees. The tapes should not be installed over water pipes that are leaking.

In efforts to provide proper insulation to the cables, heat shrink tape plays an important role. This is a perfect solution that protects the wires when they heat up and cool. This is particularly important for quick repairs when wires heat up.

 A Heat tape will ensure that the home is kept warm during the cold season. It particularly prevents freezing on the newly installed water pipes and energy loss. Before the tape is wrapped around the water pipes, there in need to access its condition and ensure that it meets security concerns.

heat tapes safety advice

 Black Spot Areas in Homes

 There are some locations which are exposed to risks and require the water pipes to be wrapped with the heat pipes. These areas are;

  • On the exterior and interior walls.
  • Under the sinks
  • Areas that are not properly heated up well around the house

Heat tape for water lines ensures that the pipes are kept warm when the temperatures drop. Avoiding frozen water pipes is necessary to every home owner. If the pipes freeze and break, water can spill out and cause great damages. The Heat tape, if not professionally connected, can cause more harm than good. In cases where the water leaks or power fails, it is possible to experience fires. This is the reason why safety measures have to be considered when installing them in homes to ensure that only the desired results are achieved.

Homeowners need to be properly advised from experts when purchasing the heat tape. This is to ensure that they only purchase industrial heat tape that is reliable. Poor tapes can result to accidents such as fires and electric shock which can otherwise be avoided with quality tapes.