There are several wall arts that you can place in your house. This article provides a discussion of different wall art designs. But really, what are the uses of wall arts? Wall arts add beauty whenever they are used. They light the house and make it look attractive. For an art designer, placing some form of art in a house is a way of advertising your talents. Besides, art passes message to the viewer depending on how they are made.

wonderful artistic art design

Kinds of Wall Art Designs

  • Paintings

Art can take the form of a painting. Many paintings are available these days. A wall can be painted and produce an attractive mural. The disadvantage about this is that the art cannot be removed occasionally when need rises. Objects can also be painted with different colors to produce an inspirational wall art. Paintable objects include but not limited to stones, calabashes, wood, pieces of clothes and animal skin.

  • Carvings

Carvings are wall art designs that are made through chop off intact materials such as soft stones and wood. Such art designs require experienced designing techniques. A designer can produce a piece of art to symbolize something such as a person reading, a woman with African attire, an animal or anything of interest. Carvings have their origin from the ancient times as the ancient man used to carve sculptures.

  • Metal Wall Art Designs

These types of art are quite recent because in the olden times there were no metals. One characteristic about metal arts is that they are very heavy. This could be a disadvantage; the weight limits where to place the art in the house or office. It must be placed on a firm cabinet or put hanging within a strong wall. Most metal arts are produced using machines because it is barely possible to manually carve a metal.

  • Stickers

Wall art designs can again be in the form of a decal. Children love wall stickers, and they enjoy sticking them as they produce attractive coloration and patterns.  Wall stickers are the best in rental apartments and condos. They can easily be detached from the walls and reused elsewhere. Another beauty about them is that they leave the wall clean and free from holes.

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It is natural instinct to make your house look beautiful and attractive. You can achieve this through different wall art designs. Each one of them can fit in any hose; but care should be taken to avoid over doing the house with art.