Putting on football girdles can be very advantageous to the players. This is because they provide protection and safety to the players. Not every player though knows how to put them on. Amateur players especially may get it hard to wear these pads. If you do not wear these girdles well, the protection objective may not be met. That is why you need to know how to wear your sports girdle well for your own protection. The following guide therefore can be helpful to you when you are wearing your girdle.

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Guide To Wearing Football Girdles

1.)  Locate the correct positions to wear the girdle.

As you know, the girdle is used to hold various football pads to offer protection while you play. Because of this, it is important for you to identify various positions on where the pads are going to fit in. For you to identify these parts, you should make sure that you locate various pad pockets so that you can fit them to the girdle properly.

2.)  Place the football pads on specific pockets on the girdle.

After correctly identifying the football pads, you need to put the football pads in each pocket. This process is initiated by the first step of identification of where each pad is going to fit. You need therefore to ensure that every pad goes on to the right pocket of the football girdle so as to create uniformity. This will help in the overall performance of the girdles. If you do not fit them correctly, the function of the girdle may be compromised, which will in turn affect the player’s performance.

3.)  Put the girdle on the ground and step into them and finally pull them up.

After you have put the pads to the correct pockets, it is time to put the girdle down on the ground. You should place the girdle on the ground in a manner that the two holes where your legs will go are facing up. After that, you can put on your girdle and pull it up. At this time, you can choose to wear the girdle either on top of your underwear or underneath depending on your preference.

4.)  Align girdle to fit in the body parts.

After pulling up your girdle, it is advisable that you make sure that each pad fits into each body part. Again, this is to ensure that you are well supported and comfortable when you are playing. If you do not align these pads correctly to the body parts, it will be uncomfortable to play in them. This can compromise your play.

5.)  Put on your playing pants.

The following and final step is to put on your playing pants on top of the football girdles.. Now, you are ready to go to the field and play without fear. When pads are placed in the girdle and worn properly, the protection of the player is assured.

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It is important though for you to ensure that you buy the best football girdles for you to get the best service. Buying the best will depend on your size, the brand and even the type of the pads that are going to be used. It is therefore advisable for you to buy girdles based on these considerations to enhance your protection.