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How to Wear Suspender Clips | Content Injection

Suspender clips are designed to be attached to almost any kind of pants and fit practically everybody. Suspenders are comfortable substitutes if you do not like to wear belt. If you want to dress up your outfit, you can simply choose suspenders that match your trousers such as striped and plaid designs. If you are wearing blue jeans, you could opt for brightly colored suspenders instead. The clips could be made of metal or plastic. For your cute little lad, the plastic suspender clips could be more preferable since they do not have sharp edges that can hurt him. They will be very helpful in holding up his pair of trousers that constantly like to slide down to his shoes.

elastic suspender clips

For grownups, suspender clips are best used for less formal outfits such as chinos, jeans, cotton and khakis. The straps are usually made of elastic material instead of silk. The attachment method is straightforward and do not need any inner suspender button. Some people would always choose metal suspender clips over the plastic ones but if you regularly go in and out of security checkpoints such as in airports, and you do not want to set off metal detectors inadvertently, always choose metal free suspenders.

reliable plastic suspender clips

Purchase Metal Suspender Clips Wholesale

Suspender clips have become very popular lately and there is a wide variety of styles and designs that are available on the market. However, if you like to wear them regularly, you could save a lot by purchasing metal suspender clips wholesale. The price for wholesale is comparatively cheaper than paying for each individual clip so you can really have a substantial savings.

Guide on How to Properly Wear Suspenders

Although many people are familiar with suspender clips, most do not know how to attach them properly to their pants.

shopping suspender clips wholesale

  • Hold the back strap of your suspender. Then, lay your suspenders face side down over the center of your waistband.
  • Open the suspender clips using your fingernails. Be careful not to chip your fingernails, though. With an open clip placed over the back of your pants, secure the clip on the top of your waistband.
  • If the suspender straps are too short for your frame, adjust them using the metal sliders. If you feel more pull at the back, adjust the rear metal slider until it feels comfortable.
  • Open the suspender clips on your front straps. Place one of the open clips on the midpoint of the fly and the body. Close the clip over your pants and repeat the procedure on the opposite side of the suspender.
  • Adjust the length of the suspender strap for comfort. If you find your shirt bunching underneath, loosen your straps a bit.

super metal suspender clips

A word of caution when wearing suspenders though, there are people who like wearing them with their belts. However, this will create a cluttered look and a boxy appearance. So the next time you fancy putting your suspender clips on, try doing it without the belt. It would make your entire getup look more fashionable and cool.