You need to have a proper idea on how to wash underwear. Surprisingly, most people are so ignorant about this subject that they always throw in their undergarments, even sheer panties, with the rest of the washable piles and use the same temperature and cycle that they use for washing a shirt or skirt. The thing is your underwear is called ‘delicate’ for a reason. Keep on reading to know how to wash underwear properly, both men and women’s.

tips on proper wash a bra

How To Wash Underwear

Men’s Underwear

Follow the simple steps for washing men’s underwear.

  • For men, if you want to keep your underwear good as new for longer, then wash them by hand every time you need them to be cleaned. Even if you use a washing machine, wash them separately and use very mild temperature and delicate cycle. Use warm water while washing them by hand.
  • Use an exclusive washing agent for the purpose. Be careful about selecting this agent because if it is hard to rinse away, you might get allergies or itchy. Do not use soap; they cannot clean as properly as washing powder can.
  • Once washed and rinsed thoroughly, put them in a cool place to dry. Once done, put them under the sun to dry them properly. This is important. Do not put them under the sun right after washing them. Otherwise, they will be out of shape and become hard.
  • Wash underwear that is new or the one that you have not worn for a while.

Women’s Bra And Panties

For women, both your bras and panties need to be washed by hand.

Washing Bras:

  • First, get a washing bowl. Now, add the right amount of washing detergent into the bowl. Check the instruction about how much you need to add on the detergent packet. Now add some warm water, not hot, into the bowl and stir until the detergent is thoroughly mixed with the water.
  • Now, put your bra into the water and let it soak for a few minutes. Press and rub your fingers over the places that you think need special attention.
  • Next, rub the opposite sides of the bra against each other to ensure maximum cleansing while it is still in the water. If your bra has a stain, use a sponge to wipe it as much as possible before washing it.
  • The parts that touch your underarms need special attention since they are affected by sweat more than any other parts and consequently could cause allergic reactions.
  • Now, rinse them with cool water until the water runs clean and then let them dry naturally.

how to properly wash an underwear

Washing Briefs/Panties:

  • You might choose to wash your panties along with your bra or wash them separately. Remember, you could wash them with a machine but washing them by hand is the best option.
  • Now, add an appropriate amount of washing detergent into your washing bowl and mix it with warm water. Stir until the detergent is mixed thoroughly.
  • Put your panties into the bowl and let it soak for a while. Now, knead and swirl your panties in the water very gently to remove dirt.
  • When you realize it is clean, rinse it with cool/warm water. Rinse until the water runs clean. Then take them out and let them dry naturally.

All these are simple facts about how to wash underwear.