Strap wrenches make it easy to loosen nearly any medium to large-sized threaded object. From the oil filter on the family car to over tightened jars in the cupboard, a rubber strap wrench helps you to apply force to an object without risking damage or scratching its delicate surfaces. Its basic construction and wide range of sizing options makes it a common tool in automotive garages and home repair toolkits.

plumb craft waxman mini strap wrench

Its Design

A strap wrench features a simple design that makes it easy for anyone to use.

  • A rubber or woven strap is fed through the end of a plastic or metal handle.
  • The strap then extends out from the tip of the handle and loops back around to re-enter the handle at the same point. This creates a loop.
  • Typically, the strap is notched or ridged to allow precise adjustment and a firm grip during usage.
  • When you are done using such tool, simply release tension on the handle the strap and it can be quickly removed.

pittsburgh piece rubber strap wrench set

The popularity of this wrench makes it easy available in most general stores and hardware stores. If you intend to use this frequently, a heavy duty strap wrench can provide greater durability and comfort. These designs often feature reinforced straps and padded metal handles for additional strength and resilience. You can find this type of wrench on various hardware stores and online stores like strap wrench Lowes.

heavy duty strap wrench

Usage Tips

The following are simple steps on how to use a pipe strap wrench. These steps can be used to loosen or tighten nearly any object with ease.

  • Ensure your wrench is properly assembled. The loop should extend away from the top of the handle and droop down towards the underside of the grip in most cases.
  • Create a loop large enough to place around your object. This can be done by gently pulling the strap. Take care not to remove the strap from the holding slot.
  • Place the wrench around the sturdiest or widest part of the object. For a showerhead, this will often be near the nozzles. For a pipe cap, this is often the outer ring. For an oil filter, attaching near the top end of the oil filter can provide increased leverage.
  • Tighten the strap to fit around the object. The strap should be as tight as possible for optimal grip. For objects that are not perfectly round, press on the slack areas around the object as you tighten the strap for a secure grip.
  • For loosening an object, move the wrench counterclockwise and apply pressure. To tighten the object, move the wrench clockwise.
  • Remove the loop from the object by moving the wrench toward you and sliding the loop away.
  • When finished, pull the strap through the handle to protect it from damage while in storage.

2-piece yellow rolson strap wrench

Over time, the strap on this wrench may become stretched or broken. Should this occur, most home improvement stores offer replacement straps that will fit most such wrench designs. Replacement is often as simple as removing a pin, replacing the strap and reinserting the pin to hold it in place. Make sure to include this type of wrench in your toolkit because it will become handy to you most of the time.