Owning a Centurion card from Amex is considered a privilege always. There were rumors that a person possessing a Centurion card is capable of purchasing anything and everything in the late 80’s. However, today’s modern youth understand the limitations of using the credit card well. The black American Express card is not issued to anyone who applies for it. A person should have good credit rate and be capable of spending more than a $250,000 every year to get the card. A question is then asked: how to upgrade American Express card?

Upgrading american express card

Upgrading To American Express Card

There are three types of Black Amex cards:

  1. The original Black Titanium card
  2. The Gold card
  3. The Platinum card

·        Regular Black Card Upgrade

People eligible to get these cards have to pay a massive annual fee for one time along with a minor annual subscription for each card. A person holding the regular black card can upgrade to the gold or platinum card in the following ways:

  1. Call the customer service number in the card and opt for an upgrade.
  2. Respond to their numerous email promotions to upgrade.
  3. Simply apply for the Gold or Platinum card in their website.

The company will check the credit history and the spending pattern of the person and process the upgrade in a very short period of time.

black american express upgrade card

·        Other Company Card Upgrade

Now, how to upgrade American Express card if you are using other company credit cards? You can simply surrender the other company’s card as the Black Amex cards take care of all your shopping and travel necessities. You can simply choose to have multiple credit cards too if you are ready to afford their charges. Holding or surrendering another company credit card does not affect you getting an Amex card unless you have a large outstanding debt with them.

·        Card Received As Gift

How to upgrade American Express card received as a gift, you may now ask. Some parents and companies gift their children and employees with supplementary Amex cards. A person holding an Amex card has the leverage to get complementary cards for additional fees. Parents gift such Black Amex cards to children for studies and employment. Company executives are given such cards. These cards can be upgraded with the consent of the master card holder. They can directly upgrade their supplementary cards or give a written consent for the beneficiaries to upgrade the card. The process is simple and non-complicated. The company checks the earning capacity of the applicant and grants them permission in no time for the upgrades.

Frequent flight travelers find these cards absolutely useful when it comes to fast airport clearance and accommodations in luxurious hotels. Even a personal concierge service is offered to people owning the card when they visit new countries. Details regarding how to upgrade American Express card can be found in their official website. Just register with them, and their expert executives will call you to explain the ample benefits of owning a Black Amex card.