A high-quality pair of white scrubs is quite hard to find. Additionally, white nursing scrubs can easily accumulate germs and bacteria from the workplace, most specifically during blood stains. For these reasons, it is important that you take extra care when washing and drying them. Once you are able to care and maintain for your scrubs properly, you can retain their whiteness and make them germ-free.

take proper care on white scrubs

Proper Care for White Scrubs

White scrubs are maintained differently from colored versions. In case you are unsure how to do this, here are the proper caring tips for your white hospital scrubs.

  • If your scrubs collection comes in different colors, make sure to separate the whites from your dark-colored scrubs. Wash them separately, especially if you will be using bleach to remove the stains. Doing this will prevent color bleeding or darkening of the white scrubs.
  • Always wash your white scrubs in cold water. Doing this will make your scrubs look newer, so try to do this each time you wash them.
  • White scrubs should be washed in a gentle cycle setting. Once you are able to implement this, your medical apparel will surely last ten times longer.
  • Adding a tablespoon of white vinegar before adding the detergent to the water is also an effective way to kill germs and retain the color of the fabric.
  • To ensure the durability of your white scrubs, always use a mild liquid detergent. Allow the water in the washing machine to become sudsy before you add your dirty scrubs.
  • Do not use a liquid fabric conditioner when washing your white scrubs. This is because they are mostly made from wash and wear fabric and using a liquid conditioner will only change the fabric’s texture or worse, cause unwanted wrinkles on the clothing.
  • And finally, always opt to sun dry your white scrubs. The sun’s rays are the best bacteria killer, especially if you hang them in a place that receives full sunlight. However, if sun drying is not possible, you can also flat dry your scrubs over white sheets. Avoid throwing your white scrubs on the dryer as much as possible, as it will only make them shrink.

easy steps on maintaining a clean white scrubs

To further ensure the longevity of your medical apparel, always purchase them from high quality brands like White Swan Scrubs and White Cross Scrubs. Once you are able to buy a nice pair, you won’t have to purchase another one over and over again, thus you can save more money in the long run. Caring for your white scrubs is easy, you just need to know the dos and don’ts when washing and drying them.