Did you know that a passport is only valid for a certain number of years? In the US, persons over sixteen are given passport for ten years and those who are fifteen and under will get it for five years. So, if you are planning to a trip in the near future it’s important to know how to renew your passport. For passports in good condition, the renewal can be done online or by mail. But, the damaged ones have to be renewed in person.

how to renew your passport tips

First, you need to find the old passport as this will have to be submitted with the completed application form, two photographs and other supporting documents.  In case you want to know how to renew your passport in the shortest possible time, then its best to make use of the online resources provided for you to download the different forms. You should also pay the renewal fee when you are submitting the application to make the process faster.

How to renew your passport online

The process for renewing passports online is very easy. The first step would be to find a website that is secure. When you are doing the renewal online this process will require you to complete the form, but you don’t have to visit the office, wait in long lines and then wait several months to get your new passport.

How to renew your expired passport by mail

If your expired passport is in good condition, you can download the DS-82 application form online to do the renewal process by mail. Once the form is filled out, dated and signed, this can be mailed in a padded envelope along with two photographs and your expired passport.

Note that you need to know about the special legal documents to be attached for name change when you are learning how to renew your passport. You should also do your research beforehand to know the correct amount to pay for the passport renewal.

how to renew your expired passport faster way

How to renew your expired passport in person

You can print the DS-11 application form that is provided on the government website. This form should be printed on one-sided pages and then complete without adding your signature and the date with a black ink. Once this is done, you can submit the form and additional documents in person at the Passport Agency where you will sign before the agent. Note that the renewal process will be somewhat different for minors and lost passports.

How to renew your passport quickly

You can use a service to expedite your passport and get it back in less than one week. Even though this is not a guarantee, you could get your passport within 24 hours. Ensure that you check the rates before starting the process as this will vary based on the fast turnaround time.

As you can see, there are several options to consider if you want to how to renew your passport. So, having an expired passport should not stop you from travelling overseas for business or pleasure.