Quality cookware is a long-term investment. Next to the furniture, it’s another item in the home that has the most use and should be durable and. Unless you plan to replace it every few years, it’s important to learn how to preserve your cookware.

Proper Cookware Cleaning and Storing Techniques

How to Preserve Your Cookware With Non Stick Surfaces

Nonstick surfaces were created to provide individuals a healthy-cooking alternative. Its shiny black surface allows cooks to prepare their meals using little or no oil.

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In an effort to preserve your non-stick cookware:

  • Do not use a knife, scoring or metal tool on the surface
  • Use dish detergent with a grease-fighting power to remove stubborn food
  • Do not use cooking spray
  • Nest the cookware with a paper towel between the surfaces
  • Hand washing helps to preserve the finish
  • Dry the cookware completely before storing them
  • Do not store food in the cookware

How to Preserve Your Cookware Made of Cast Iron

Cast iron is the most durable types of cookware. In addition to their ability to be stored for extended periods of time without rusting, cooking in a cast iron pot provides your family with an excellent source of iron. During the cleaning process, never wash a hot pot in cold water. The rapid temperature change may cause the pan to crack. Although it’s not designed for the dishwasher, its tough surface is able to withstand scouring pads and harsh soaps. Just be sure to rinse it well.

The drying and storing is the most important part of the preserving process. Always make sure the pan is completely dry before storing it. Gently wiping the entire surface with a paper towel spotted with cooking oil helps to prevent rusting and maintain its nonstick surface. After the rub down, the pan should be shiny but not greasy looking. On a shaped cast iron cookware such as the Paula Dean cornbread mold, be sure to grease around every corner. Always use a paper towel between each pan when storing. This will prevent a rust ring from forming on the both pans. In case rust does form, it’s easily removed with a scour pad, mild soap and warm water.

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How to Preserve Your Cookware Handles, Tops and Knobs

As time progresses, small attachments such as the handles and knobs will become loose. Not only will a loose handle take away from the value of your cookware set, it’s dangerous. Pots with one handle may turn over and two-handle pots may fall. Using a pot holder each time you handle the pot helps to protect the handle’s finish. When storing the tops, dry them completely and store them upside down in their matching pots with a paper towel to separate the two surfaces.

Hand Washing vs. Machine Dish Washing

Wash the cookware according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. They will offer you the best tips on how to preserve your cookware. Certain items such as the Paula Dean cookware have an enamel finish and certain dishwasher temperatures will warp the finish. Unless the directions say the cookware is dishwasher safe, hand wash it.