Darts is now an international board game that can be played without limits on location, gender and age. The rules for learning how to play darts are also extremely simple. This article will give you a brief background of darts and tips on how to play darts.

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Darts originally started with a battle between bored warriors during periods of rest from war. The following is a chronological order of how dart started.

  • The soldiers threw short spears against mounted wine barrels.
  • Their contest evolved and a more specific target became necessary. This led to the use of a disc from a tree with natural rings that turned out to be perfect for scoring.
  • The game retained its military interests in the British Empire and when the soldiers drank at pubs, they played with darts.
  • This led to the spread of darts in many countries. Much of the credit for success of the game goes to National Darts Association (NDA) of the United Kingdom, which was formed in 1954. It helped in establishing ground rules specifying how to play darts.
  • In 1976, the World Darts Federation (WDF) was formed. This federation governed the game darts and arranges tournaments worldwide.

Equipments Used

Before learning how to play darts, you must be familiar with the equipments used in the game. The following are the equipments used.

  • Dartboard – It can wither be a bristle dart board or an electronic dart board.
  • Arrows – The arrow consists of 4 parts, namely, point, barrel, shaft and flight. A set consists of three arrows. Arrows are available in a variety of types and prices. They are usually made of brass or tungsten. Handles with feathers also come in many varieties. The only requirement is that the arrows must weigh more than 12 grams and no more than 55 grams.

Throw Techniques

Throw techniques play a crucial role in learning how to play darts. Your feet should be placed at a 45 degree angle from the throw line. Stand in complete balance. Hold the arrow in a loose grip between your thumb and forefinger and support it easily with the rest of the fingertips. Start throwing the arrow in the front of the face, near the eye and not behind your head or ear. Finally, follow up with the arrow as far as possible.

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Game Mechanics

Throw distance should be 237 cm from the front of the board to the farthest edge of the roll line. The throw line should be parallel to the front of the board and be less than 90 cm (18 inches) long. Here are the tips on how to play darts.

  • The game begins by each player throwing an arrow on the dartboard. The player who is closest to the center begins the first set.
  • Winner of each set begins the next set. Score is kept for each set. The score will depend on what area will the arrows hit in the dart board.
  • The winner of the game is the player who has the highest score in the decided number of sets to be played.
  • Players must not cross the throw line. It is a considered a foul.
  • Also, dropping an arrow in front of the throwing line is counted as a cast.

By knowing the basics of darts, you can now play them in bars or pubs as well as in your homes. Make darts as a form of recreation between you, your family and friends.