The blooming of daffodil bulbs is a clear indication of the spring season since spring time is when these flowers grow well. Daffodil bulbs when grown into pure bloom daffodils usually have a remarkably short bloom time. This is because spring time is also short. These flowers dry up at the end of spring due to changes in weather.

Planting Process

The process of planting daffodil bulbs is usually carried out in the autumn season. These plantations need to be watered quite often throughout the season until spring when the flowers bloom, making gardens and any place they grow, a site to see because of their stunning beauty. The planting process is not as difficult as many people tend to think it is. This, however, does not mean that the process is easy either. It requires a lot of patience and commitment. The following are steps on how to plant daffodil bulbs.

perfect yellow daffodil bulbs

  • Dig up land, ensuring that the hole is deep enough for planting.
  • Check that the bulbs are in perfect condition for planting.
  • Plant the ones in excellent condition and throw away those that are not.
  • Replace the soil in the hole that was dug up.

Salvaging and Curing Process

At the end of spring, daffodil bulbs should be salvaged and cured for the purposes of replanting when next spring comes. Below is the detailed process of how to salvage and cure these bulbs for replanting.

  • Leave the blossoms and leaves of the daffodil bulbs to dry up entirely on their own.
  • Then cut them down right at the soil line after they are fully withered.
  • Remove the bulb by digging into the soil several inches away from where it was planted.
  • Clean the removed bulbs, throwing away the rotten ones.
  • Air dry the clean bulbs in order to dry the soil on them.
  • Brush off the dried soil and then arrange the bulbs in a well ventilated bag.
  • Hung the bag away from direct sunlight, dampness and heat.
  • Leave the bulbs alone to cure before the next planting season.

glorious dwarf daffodil bulbs

Examples of Daffodil Bulbs

Just like the normal daffodils, wild daffodil bulbs are also only found in the spring and are exceedingly beautiful. Among the wild daffodils, there are also the dwarf daffodil bulbs. These are also called the narcissus and they are known to grow only up to 6 inches. In addition, there are other kinds of wild bulbs by the name caladium bulbs. These are also known as angel wings and they grow naturally along the river banks. In the dry season, however, they become extinct.

For the short time the daffodil bulbs are around, they are quite lovely. It is, therefore, crucial that people learn how to cure and replant them every autumn.