Costume wigs are wigs that are designed to look like a head of hair but are finished in bright colors. Like regular wigs, they are made from many materials such as human hair, horse hair, wool, feathers or synthetic materials. They are usually dressed on the head so that they can match a given character for acting or as part of a costume for special occasions. Glueless lace wigs are types of wigs that are designed to be worn without glue or tape when attached to the head.

cute purple party girl costume wigs

Styles of Costume Wigs

There are various types and styles of costume wigs that are out there. Choosing one is just a matter of how far one’s imagination can go. Examples of these wigs include:

  • Witch or wizard costume wigs, for example, those used for Harry Potter characters.
  • Wigs imitating a singer, for example, Elvis cut wigs or Hannah Montana wigs that are favorites of children.
  • Clown wigs that are worn during children’s birthday parties.
  • Afro wigs that are made to resemble African-American hair types.

The color, length and style of the wig depend on one’s choice and the attire to match it with. It is better to use glueless lace wigs because they are easier to wear and remove.

Uses of Costume Wigs

There are several uses popular uses of costume wigs. These are:

  • They can be worn in theme parties.
  • To hide a bald head.
  • Worn by actors to portray various characters.
  • Worn by judges to show authority and as a symbol of official work.
  • Worn during certain holidays of the year for example Christmas and Halloween.
  • They can be worn to portray fashion and enhance one’s looks.

How to Make Costume Wigs

Making costume wigs is fairly easy. The tools that you will need are the following:

  • Styrofoam head, where the hair will be glued
  • Wig cap
  • Hair, which can be synthetic or human.
  • Glue, for sticking the hair


1. Choose a style and color for the hair type you want. Choose also whether you want synthetic or human hair on your costume wig.

2. Find a spacious area to set all of your material.

3. Place the Styrofoam head on a surface and fit the wig cap neatly over it.

4. Begin carefully to glue the hair onto the wig cap. Start from behind and work your way to the front. Make sure you do this neatly and along a curve.

5. Leave the glue to dry on the hair for about two hours. Check the top pieces of the hair and if they have not dried, allow them to.

6. After the wig has dried, design the wig to your desired style. This involves trimming the rough edges, shaping the wig and even adding curls if the hair was human.

7. It is important to make sure that inner part of the wig cap does not have any glue when making glueless lace wigs.

princesslike long blonde wig

It is very easy to make costume wigs. This enables one to save a lot of money and have the benefit of making a wig that incorporates one’s own style. When one is making a costume wig, it is good to add some accessories in order to further improve the quality of their work.