You may not think about your engine coil while you are driving down the street, but the fact of the matter is that you would not even be able to start your car if that coil was not working correctly. The process of turning on your car probably seems pretty simple, but there is actually an amazing process that goes on underneath the hood every time you start the car. The electricity from your car battery is used to spark the engine into ignition, and the engine coil is what takes the electricity from the battery to the engine. This is a critical aspect of starting a car, so it should be rather obvious when the coil starts to go bad.

car ignition coil system

Signs that Your Ignition Coil Could Be Busted

The main sign that you should look for when it comes to a bum engine coil is sluggish overall performance by your car. If it does not seem to be running like it normally does and you cannot seem to travel as smoothly as you have in the past, then you probably need to take your car into an auto shop. Sluggish performance is a danger sign for a lot of different things that could be wrong with your vehicle, so it’s important to bring your car in for a checkup as soon as possible.

Another sign that you could be dealing with an unusable engine coil is if the engine will simply not start. This could also be a battery problem, but it is probably the engine coil if you know that your battery should not be out of juice at this point in time. When this kind of thing happens out of the blue, then you are probably dealing with a problem concerning your coil pack.

How to Test Your Coils

Any time you put a screwdriver up against a working engine coil and then start the car, you should get a spark with a blue tint that flares up. If there is not spark when you do this, then you are definitely in need of a new coil. The concept behind this process is rather simple, so you should be able to run this test with the help of a friend. Make sure that you use some metal, such as a small screw, to ground the screwdriver. You should also be very careful when putting your coil through this test, and make sure that you do not lean up against any metal during the entire process. Lastly, make sure that you are only touching the plastic part of the screwdriver.

standard cylinder coil packs

What to Do with Your Bad Coils

If you are dealing with an engine coil problem, then you will probably want to call a mechanic. Unless you are someone who is good with cars, then you are not going to be able to do the job on your own. You would first have to figure out what a coil pack looks like, and then you would need to locate it in your car. This process is actually quite interesting to some, but most people would better off just paying someone else to get the job done.