One of the main reasons for purchasing your wireless speakers home theater system was to listen to your favorite music and watch movies with surround sound. Except, what do you do when your expensive home theater system just doesn’t sound very good? If you’re wondering how to improve sound in your home theater system, there are a few free tweaks and tricks you can try before calling the manufacturer.

Ways To Make Your Audio System Sound Better

  1. Make sure that the music you’re listening to has been downloaded from a quality website. If you’re listening to tracks of poor quality, then it’s not the home theater system’s fault that the music doesn’t sound good. Make sure to preview downloads to ensure that they’re recorded in high quality before you worry about how to improve sound in your home theater system.

ways on how to improve sound in your home theater system

  1. The placement of your speakers may have something to do with how well the audio is coming through them. Play around with the placement and angle of the speakers to see if changing them a bit will make the audio sound better. This is one of the quickest ways for how to improve sound in your home theater system.

  1. Another trick for how to improve sound in your home theater system is to check the settings on your subwoofer. If there’s too much bass coming through, the audio will be overpowering. If the crossover is set too high, then the bass will sound unclear. Make sure it’s set right so that neither happens.

  1. Many receivers have automatic calibration tools that will ensure that you’re getting the best sound possible. Advanced receivers will balance the volume and measure the speaker distance to ensure you’re getting the right amount of sound for the room.

the best reliable wireless speakers home theater

  1. Check to see if your receiver has a “Pure” mode for playing music or sound. If the audio is going through extra circuits, it could sound ruddy by the time it comes through the speakers. Some CD players and receivers will have something called a “Direct” or “Pure” mode, specifically for playing music. You won’t use unnecessary parts of your home theater system while listening, which means that you’ll get a cleaner sound.

You can also upgrade your speakers if other troubleshooting tactics don’t work. Sometimes, the speakers that come standard with your TV aren’t the highest quality speakers available. Also, make sure that your TV, DVD player or Blu-ray player is set to “Surround Sound” mode.