Having soft hands is pleasant for both yourself and the people you touch. Conversely, having rough, flaking or irritated skin on the hands can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing. Bad skin can develop quickly for many different reasons, and learning how to get soft hands fast can make a big difference in your everyday life.

Quick Guide To Getting Soft Hands

If you are looking for a fast way of getting smooth and soft hands, follow these steps daily:

  • Step One: Clean your hands and exfoliate the skin.

ways on How to get soft hands fast

In order to get soft hands, you will need to remove rough patches, flakes and dead skin cells. The best way to achieve this is by scrubbing your hands carefully using an exfoliation cream and brush.

If you are unable to find of either of these, and need soft hands urgently, you can use a few tablespoons of either table sugar or salt with a few drops of lemon as a replacement. Rinse your hands carefully afterwards, and let them soak in warm water for a few minutes.

  • Step Two: Apply moisturizing cream.

If you are already using lotion on a regular basis and you are still wondering how to get soft hands fast, you need to know that a lot of moisturizer is needed to achieve fast results. Use enough cream to leave a visible layer on the surface of your hands. The best hand cream is one that contains natural oils to help retain the moisture levels of your skin. Cocoa butter is a popular option. Massage the cream gently into your skin.

  • Step Three: Moisturize your hands regularly throughout the day.

If you use your hands a lot in school or at work, or often expose them to dirt or chemicals, remember to always tend to your skin to keep it from drying out. A good idea is to carry a box of baby wipes or other moist tissues, which can be used to simultaneously clean and moisturize your hands. You can also carry around hand sanitizers with moisturizers or antibacterial cream lotions.

  • Step Four: Apply hand cream before going to bed.

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Again, you will need to apply a generous amount of lotion to your hands, and let it work on your skin through the night. As even the best hand lotions will smear if spread thickly, it is best to wear a pair of cotton gloves when you go to bed. Remove the gloves when you wake up, then, carefully wash your hands in accordance to the previous steps.

  • Step Five: In order to keep your hands soft, make sure to follow these steps every day.

If you fail to keep your skin clean and moisturized, you risk developing hard or flaky skin on your hands. Remember, it is not enough to know how to get soft hands fast. If you do not continue to take care of your hands after you get what you want, they will not stay soft for very long.

So, you see, the best method on how to get soft hands fast is really by exfoliating and moisturizing the hands thoroughly, followed by careful attendance to the skin on a regular basis.