Flowers and bouquets are used in all kinds of different events to add a splash of color, with tie dye roses a great way to incorporate a rainbow of color. Floral decorations are a common way to dress up a special occasion such as a wedding or graduation ceremony, with the colors and scents adding a whole new level of beauty to an already glorious day. The choice of bridal bouquets and floral arrangements is one that can be difficult, especially when trying to settle on a single flower color. Tie dye roses are one way to get all of the colors incorporated, whilst still getting a real floral bouquet that looks and smells great.

multi- colored tie dye roses

How Are They Made?

There are many people that see tie dye roses and believe that they must be some sort of fake flower, but florists have found ways to create the rainbow roses by using the real thing. Here are just a few methods they use to create the colorful effect:

gorgeous tie dyed purple roses

  • Dyeing Spray – This is somewhat similar in style to regular spray paint, except for the fact that the paint used in this process is a lot less gentle. This means that the petals can have their original color changed without the flower being damaged in any way.
  • Absorption Dyes – Food coloring is added to water and the freshly cut stems of the roses are placed in the mixture. The flowers basically ingest the water through the stem, allowing the blooms to turn into the color that is added to the mix.

creative tie dye roses bouquet

  • Dip Dyes – Alum is added to the mixture of water and food coloring for this process. The florist creates the mixture and then gently swirls the flower around in it to create a new color for the petals. The flowers than have to dry for a few hours, during which time the new colors take hold in the petals.
  • Tie Dye – This is becoming one of the more popular methods of coloring roses, with a rainbow effect the result of the process. The process here is a little bit more involved, with the stem needing to be cut into three separate sections. Separate color mixes are made in individual cups, with the stems placed into each of the different cups. The colors then bleed up the stem and into the petals, creating the tie dye rose effect that looks so spectacular.

artful rainbow- like tie dyed rose

The Unique Look Of Flower Coloring

The goal of anyone looking for some sort of flower arrangement for their special day is to create something entirely new and unique. Florists do a fantastic job of creating flower arrangements that met your specific needs, but they are limited to the natural colors that flowers display. Mother Nature does a good job of providing multiple hues, but tie dye roses and other color effects can help make the look of your flowers totally unique. Before settling on a single color and style, ask your florist if they know about the coloring techniques mentioned above.