Finding the proper running gear is hard especially for the one third of the population of the world that has flat feet. Flat feet are a condition where a person lacks an arch between the big toe and heel. A person has to establish that he or she has flat feet before identifying the right shoes for running. This can be done using the footprint test by running on sand or by stepping on a paper with wet feet. A person with flat feet should have a footprint that lacks a gap between the toe and heel. This condition can also be diagnosed in a hospital by a physician. Foot experts can offer advice or tips to consider when looking for the best running shoes for flat feet.

Best Womens Running Gear

Over Pronator

People with flat feet are normally over pronator. This is a situation where feet roll inwards while running since the arch of the foot is always flat. Over pronating may also lead to severe injuries such as bunions and shin splints due to the excessive inward motion. Running gear for over pronator should provide sufficient arch support and make the foot more stable during walking to reduce the inward rolling motion. The best running shoes for flat feet have a high percentage of support indicated on the package specifications.

Special Features to Support Flat Footed Individuals

 Shoes that are fitted with motion control details provide unique support for the feet and also help in reducing over pronation for individuals with flat feet. They are designed to be rigid to reduce foot injury that may occur through inward rolling. Both the heel and the toe are properly cushioned to provide fitting running motion in such running gear. Finding the best running shoes for flat feet should provide sufficient motion control and allow proper circulation in the feet.

Finding The Best Running Shoes For Normal and Flat FeetOrthotic devices can be fitted into running gear to help correct over pronation by adjusting the positioning of the heel thereby reducing the exaggerated motion of the foot while walking or running. Orthotic devices may be uncomfortable for some people with flat feet although they are very helpful in creating an arch between the big toe and heel. A flat foot may get accustomed to the arch and develop a natural arch especially if the orthotic device is introduced just before adolescence and adult hood and if the device is used long enough. Shoes may be customized to match the needs of any individual by fitting prescribed orthotics.

 People with flat feet can visit sports stores and have the fitters watch their feet motion in order to prescribe the right running gear. It is advisable to have the selected shoes fitted for a person. This makes sure that they can walk and run properly with the shoes. The best running shoes for flat feet are supposed to be comfortable to the user and minimize the dangers of injury as much as possible. One can also have shoes that are custom made as to the recommendations of a professional physical trainer. This caters to the specific needs of a customer.