Whether it is a sheet or other important necessity in our home, we always look for the best. But it is more satisfying to know that we have chosen high-quality but cheap sheets. They are also a good investment for our homes, since we get to use them on a daily basis.

Getting them is surprisingly easy, that is if you know where the good ones are and when are they on sale.

quality sheets at low price


1. Work on your feet. Look for white sales on household stores within your area. Most of these stores are located at malls. From there, you will find good and quality cheap sheets at affordable rates.

  • You may also visit popular discount stores which have their own websites. Usually, they offer discount and coupons so take advantage of that money-saving opportunity before rushing into their stores looking for cheap sheets.
  • Another good option is to seek outlet stores for good buys. These stores usually offer cheap sheets for as low as $20, which is great for shoppers who are in a tight budget.

2. You can also opt for used cheap sheets online if it is not an issue for you. At eBay’s auction, there are reasonably-priced used sheets, and some were not really used but still priced way lower compared to brand-new sheets. However, the price is not yet definite and you have to wait for the sheets’ auction to be closed before you are able to add them to your cart.

  • There are also other sites like Overstock and SmartBargains which offers trendy, elegant, and cheap bed sheets which are usually priced around $50 or less.

3. You should also check out stores for cheap sheets sets. Doing this will save you more bucks unlike when you buy sheets, bedskirt, shams, and comforters separately. And through these sets, you will achieve that sophisticated or fun look in your bedroom because they are made to match!

  • These can also be found online which usually come with matching pillowcases and more. They are usually priced $100 or less and available during store’s white sale every spring season.

4. Make an assessment of the sheet’s quality. If you want your cheap sheets to give that fresh and cool feeling, you should choose the ones with higher thread count like the Egyptian cotton. Sheets with 300-thread count are fine, but if you crave for the softest sheets, opt for a higher thread count.

5. Finding the cheap sheets does not end it all. You should also know how to take care of them properly for them to be able to last long.

  • It is actually easy; you just have to use either warm or cold water for washing your sheets.
  • Always put them in a gentle cycle.
  • You can use your dryer for drying them just like you do with your clothes, but be careful not to make them stay longer in the dryer. This will result to more wrinkles so you have to fold cheap sheets immediately after the load is done.

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If you want your pillowcases to look better and smoother, iron them after they have been dried.