We can find cultured pearls in mollusks or oyster the same where we find natural pearls. As of today, the majority of the jewelries in the market are made of cultured pearls. That is why you can find cultured pearl jewelry in any store you enter. For that, natural pearls became rare that you could barely find them in the market. The main reason why people have been using cultured pearl is because of the price that is cheaper than the natural ones and the availability of the pearl.

Luxury Cultured Pearl Jewelry

We must value our cultured pearl jewelry to prolong its life. Though it is cheaper than the natural pearl, but the price of the cultured pearl can also be overwhelming. When it comes to buying, there are also certain factors that determine the quality of the pearl.

Factors to Consider When Buying Pearl Jewelries

  • The Luster of the Pearl. The shine will determine the value of quality of any jewelry made of cultured pearls. It is determined by how smooth and even the layers of the pearls. If the pearl has deep glow and and is shiny, it is considered as the most desirable choice than with those chalky or dull in look.
  • The Size of the Pearl. When you can see that the cultured pearl jewelry has large size, the value will also be higher. The size of the pearl is measured through millimeters. Most sizes are about 6 to 7 millimeters. The larger the size than what is mentioned, the price will grow rapidly higher.
  • The Color of the Pearl. Color will not be the biggest factor when it comes to choosing the jewelry made of pearls but people have tastes of their own. When you choose pearls, the rule would be what you think of their skin tone. Mostly, people will look for the white ones. But eventually there are pink, gold and black pearls sold.
  • The Shape of the Pearl. The rarest cultured pearl jewelry and the most looked for are the ones with a perfect round shape. But the imperfect sizes are also valued because they are unique and can even be fashionable enough to wear. You can find this type such as the Baroque pearl.

Beautiful Mikimoto Pearl Earrings

When it comes to taking care of pearls, they are very easy. You can just wipe them with a soft lint free cloth before putting away. If you are looking for the finest cultured pearl made into earrings, the Mikimoto pearl earrings is one of the best jewelries you can collect.