Whether it is NBA, NFL, or soccer, jerseys are probably the most popular clothing apparel. Fans collect authentic jerseys as memorabilia or to show their support to their favorite team during the leagues. The sad part is that fake NBA jerseys are more common than the authentic NBA jerseys. As a consumer thus, you have to be very careful about the authenticity of your purchase. If you are buying your merchandise over the internet, this need magnifies itself because it is easier to be cheated online. This is why you should be careful about the purchase you make.

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Checking The Authenticity

It is not hard to distinguish between fake and NBA authentic jerseys. You can clearly distinguish between the two types based on a few criteria that have been expounded as follows:

  • The fabric is probably the biggest sign of authenticity. While the authentic NBA jerseys will be made out of very durable and long lasting fabric, the fake jerseys are made out of cheap, low quality fabric that does not last long. The material of authentic Celtics jersey is always durable, polyester, quick drying, stretch-air, and metallic. Fake jerseys on the other hand are made out of nylon of polyester weave mesh.
  • If you are purchasing from a store, just by running your fingers over the material, you will have an idea. Authentic jerseys are very smooth, even, and soft while the fake counterparts are scratchy and rough. Loose strings hanging from the ends also indicate poor quality.
  • Another identification feature is the way the logo has been imprinted on the jerseys. Authentic NBA jerseys will have logo, the crests, and other patches neatly sewn into the jerseys while the fake ones will have them screen printed or heat pressed. This is a clear distinguishing feature.
  • Over the internet, it is not possible the feel the material and determine the authenticity. However, you can still know if you are buying authentic NBA jerseys through the price tag. Remember that authentic jerseys are expensive and the fake ones are cheaper. However, you can look for authentic NBA jerseys wholesale if you want a discount. Cheap authentic NBA jerseys are also easily available but it is up to you to be careful.

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The best way to buy authentic NBA jerseys would be to visit the ‘official’ stores of the sports organizations. Nike, Adidas, Mitchell & Ness, Elton, etc. are some of the brands you can rely upon. Once you know what how to identify the authentic from the fake, you will be able to purchase easily and wear the best jerseys to show your support for your favorite team.