Although not all spiders are harmful, home owners are always looking for either a natural spider repellent or an artificial one to keep the spiders at bay. People just dislike or fear spiders and would go to all imaginable lengths to get rid of them. The use of artificial repellents is not very good as it poses risks especially to children and pets. This is why individuals are always looking for a natural spider repellent for home use.

Advantages of natural spider repellent

  • A natural spider repellent for home use is a far much better way of dealing with spiders. Unless one is using nicotine to keep spiders at bay, almost every natural spider repellent recipe is safe for both children and pets and there is no risk of being affected with efficient natural spider repellent

  • Each natural spider repellent has its advantages. Some of the advantages that characterize every natural spider repellent for home use include being harmless and inexpensive. Buying chemical spider repellents from the local store can be an expensive undertaking. In addition, these chemical repellents may pose a lot of health risks to both people and other animals.

  • It is also very easy to make a natural spider repellent. One can always use materials that are available to them. In addition, almost every natural spider repellent recipe is easy to follow and do not demand a lot on the part of the home owner. As a matter of fact, even children can make the spider repellents with the help of adults.

best effective spider repellent natural

  • With spider repellent natural materials being used do not pose a risk to the environment. The challenge that individuals face with artificial spider repellents, same as with other toxic insecticides, is that these repellents can affect the environment in many harmful ways. Their continued use will affect both environment and human beings in a negative way, and one can get seriously ill because of them.

list of natural spider repellent recipe

The key to finding the right natural spider repellent is ensuring that it comes from a material that spiders don’t like. So, if you have spiders at the home and would like to get rid of them, here is one natural spider repellent recipe that you may want to use:

Natural spider repellent recipe

  1. Find some natural oils from tea trees, citrus fruits, lavender, citronella, peppermint or cinnamon, etc.

  2. Mix these natural oils in any combination together with some squirt eco detergents in a bottle.

  3. Add some water to the mixture and shake well.

  4. Spray the mixture of the natural oils and liquid detergents on areas with cobwebs or where there are spiders.

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Spiders do not like natural oils and they would always keep away from areas where the natural oils are. One can also use olive oil or orange oil to keep spiders away. The key to getting the natural spider repellent recipe to work is ensuring that you spray it on the cobwebs or where there are a lot of spiders. Another good trick is to scatter whole chestnuts to help keep the spiders away.