A feather mattress topper can offer comfort and a little bit of antique look to your bedroom. It has many advantages of a modern mattress pad. Feather mattress topper tops the mattress akin to a pillow. The good thing about using it is that it does not affect the firmness and form of your mattress in any way. Furthermore, it has a nice texture that gives your bed a soft and plush support.

suitable feather mattress topper

Guide To Buying Your Mattress Topper

Before you choose to buy a feather bed mattress topper, you should consider these important facts:

·        Filling Type

Ask about the kind of filling that is in the feather mattress topper. You should know that there are down feather mattress toppers. A feather mattress topper can be filled with 100% goose down feather. This kind of feather bed mattress topper will last longer and it is more comfortable. Another good thing about down feather is that it does not come out of the fabric cover of the feather down mattress topper.

perfect feather down mattress topper

·        Fill Power

You should know about the fill power present in the feather mattress topper. This is a number that represents the down feather clusters in 1 cubic inch. This is used to describe the overall quality of the feather mattress topper. If it has a fill power that is greater than 800, it will last longer than a topper with fill power that is smaller than 600.

·        Fabric Cover

single feather bed topper

You need to carefully examine the fabric cover of the feather bed topper. There are some toppers that are sewn through or just top stitched. In order to choose the best topper, you need find those with the baffle construction. This means that they have channels  with extra cloth stitched in them. If the down fill is distributed evenly, this will give your topper better texture and durability. It is best to choose the feather mattress topper that is made of cotton and has a high number of threads. This will tell you that the fabric is woven tightly. Also, this prevents the small pieces of down feather from coming through the tiny spaces in between the fabric.

·        Size

It is important to choose the right size for your feather down mat. It must fit your mattress and bed and provide the best possible comfort. Before you buy a topper, you need to check the size of your bed and mattress and find the feather mattress topper that is suitable for your bed.

white down feather mattress topper

Down feather mattress topper is a perfect addition to your bed and it will give you a warm feeling in cold winter days and keep you cool in warm summer days. You should know that feather down mat is much more comfortable than a mat made of synthetic material. Natural materials are comfortable and they last longer. One of the most important things about down feather mattress topper is the fact that it shapes according to your body’s contour and it provides you rest without fear that your back will hurt. It fits perfectly to your body shape and it is the best solution for people who have sleeping problems.