One of the most important things to do in maintaining a car is to ensure that the oil is changed regularly. Learning how to change oil in cars in half an hour is possible and can save you time and money as well as keep your engine in good condition.

Prepare and Organize the Things Need

There is nothing more frustrating and time consuming than not having that one simple tool to simply remove or add a necessary part. Buy and gather everything you will need beforehand and then keep everything in a dedicated space. The following are the things you will need.

  • Car Owner’s manual (for oil type and amounts, oil filter size and location of oil pan)
  • Oil
  • Oil filter
  • Tools (wrench for the drain plug and another for the oil filter)
  • Container (the old oil will be drained into this)
  • Old newspapers, cardboard or drop cloth
  • At least 1 lint-free Rag
  • Jack (depending on where your plug is located)

change oil filter vehicle maintenance

Changing the Oil

In changing the oil, safety first must be considered.

  • Park your car on a safe and level surface.
  • Make sure your engine and oil is not too hot. You do not want to burn yourself when you drain the oil and reach for the filter.

Open your hood and unscrew the oil cap. It is important to ensure that debris does not get into the engine and if you must perform the change outside, do not change the oil on windy days.

Depending on where your oil pan is, you will need to safely use a jack to allow you enough clearance to remove the oil pan plug. Place some old newspapers or cardboard under the oil pan and filter area to prevent an oily mess. You can use cat litter to absorb any messes that miss your newspapers.

Drain the Old Oil and Remove the Oil Filter

Loosen the pan plug with a wrench to the point where you can completely unscrew it with your fingers. Place the container that the oil will be drained into under the plug, then unscrew and remove the plug and let the old oil drain out completely. Once the oil has drained, remove the old oil filter using a filter wrench if necessary. Many people find this step to be the most challenging when figuring out how to change oil in cars. It gets easy once you locate the filter and find the easiest way to gain access to it. Before you replace your filter, make sure to add a few drops of your new oil to the rubber ring on the top of the filter.

guidelines in choosing an oil filter

Add the New Oil

Replace the pan plug and tighten it just enough to ensure it will not come off during driving. Add the new oil to the engine and replace the oil cap. Let the oil settle for a few minutes then turn on your engine for a few minutes then check the dipstick using a lint-free rag to confirm that you have added the right amount of oil.

After successfully changing the oil, gather the old oil and its filter for proper disposal. Remove the newspapers and discard any soiled ones. Following these tips carefully and you will know how to change oil in cars in 30 minutes or less.