Every player who loves lacrosse probably wants to learn the tricks on how to become better in lacrosse. To be a successful player, one not only needs to have the physical attributes like strength, endurance and flexibility but mental attributes as well. Players should also not underestimate the importance
of lacrosse apparel. To help you acquire these skills or improve them, here are a few tips.

Stretch More

Any person who works out knows that a good work out is determined by the pre work out stretch.
Learning how to become better in lacrosse will therefore not be complete without mastering the
important art of stretching. Stretching before and after the games will help one become more flexible, reduce sprains, muscle tears and help prevent common injuries.

importance of stretching for improving health flexibility


Lacrosse entails both short and long distance running which entails you to have both speed
and endurance. Here are some essential things to learn about running.

  • It is easy to do speed training and game shape conditioning during the in season workout sessions but its best to reserve the endurance training for long distances for the off season.
  • You may not need to use your lacrosse apparel while training but you should have comfortable training gear.
  • Every player who wants to know how to become better at lacrosse should be able to know how to balance running for both speed and endurance because of their different intensities.

Weight Training

Strength is a major requirement in learning how to become better in lacrosse and it can be improved
or for starters, achieved through a well-managed weight training program. There is a lot of hitting,
slashing and cross checking that goes on in a lacrosse game and the lacrosse apparel alone is not enough
to protect a player. The player has to be strong. Weight lifting will help players tackle all these situations by improving the following:

  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance
  • Overall strength

Like any other training, set your target goals and keep records to gauge the progress you are making.

efficient mental preparation for lacrosse

Mental Preparation

Being in the game means not only physical readiness but also the mental readiness. Great performance
means that you are able to able to play and use your brain to act quickly because in
lacrosse, speed means almost everything. A few tips on how to become better in lacrosse mentally include:

  • Positivity. It is just a game, so one should have a good mental attitude towards it especially when it comes to loosing the game. Remember that loosing in a game is a part of the learning process.
  • Plan for success. The importance of planning cannot be ignored if your goal is to learn how to become better in lacrosse.
  • Accept the challenge. Always look forward to a bigger challenge ahead and be prepared for whatever outcome.
  • Get nervous. It is best to be calm and quiet before the game. But if you can’t help it, be nervous
    and use it to your advantage. Get energized physically and get ready to play.
  • Look good. Looking good always does some magic.
  • Have fun. It is a game after all. Just enjoy yourself and have lots of fun while playing the game.

The importance of physical readiness is the same as with mental readiness. If you want to become better in lacrosse, bear in mind these tips and play the game with improved abilities.