Your bedroom should be the most comfortable and beautiful place in your house to have privacy and to be completely relaxed. Bedroom furniture comprises of a group of furniture items in the bedroom.

The bedroom furniture generally includes: beds, wardrobes, closets, armoires, dressers, nightstands, chests, vanities, trunks, and mirrors. There may be some variations in their styles. These days, entertainment centers are also a part of the bedroom.

contemporary dream bedroom furniture

Function of Furniture

The bedroom furniture has a few functions. It is meant for sleeping on, storing and changing clothes and bedding items, keeping some articles, putting entertainment equipment, sitting on, working on or writing on. The clothes can be stored in a variety of ways in wardrobes, closets, curios and dressers. Wardrobes and closets provide for hanging the dresses or coats and others. You can keep shoes, ties, and other different items.

Dressers, chests and curios have drawers for keeping folded clothing. Curios have glass doors. You can also put decorative pieces in them. Dressers and curios will have a mirror. A mirror helps in dressing up and preparing yourself. The night stands are used to keep other items like glasses, medicine, books, cell phones or an alarm clock. They usually have a table lamp on them.

An entertainment center is used to keep a TV and a home theater system. It will have audio racks and book shelves to keep your gadgets and books. The bed is the main furniture in your bedroom for relaxing and sleeping. There can be other furniture in the bedroom such as a writing chair, small desk, a sofa with a small table and more depending upon the space.

You can provide stylish closet hardware on the outer parts of closets to match the decor of your bedroom and other furniture. This will include hinges, locks, key plates, handles, knobs and pulls. It can have different finishes matching the other furniture. For the inside, you can have the most modern quality hardware to put into your closet. You can get closet organizers, clothes valets, shoe storage racks, among others. There are various designs of bar brackets, hanger rods, tubes, shelf pins, sliding rails, hanger brackets and hangers.

Tips for Arranging Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom shows your style as well as personality. You may have only a limited space for keeping other things after putting the bed. You can use these innovative ways to organize the furniture in your bedroom:

  • Place a wooden trunk in place of the foot board. It can be used to sit or rest your feet and to store blankets.
  • The dresser should have a full mirror.
  • Use a pair of nightstands with drawers, shelves and table lamps on both sides of your bed. Use larger sizes, if you have space.
  • The bed is actually the focal point and it should be visible when you enter the bedroom. Also, it should be placed in such that you do not need to walk around the bed every time.
  • Put only essential furniture and do not cram your bedroom. Spread out the items, if you have a spacious bedroom.
  • Arrange the bedroom furniture such that it can be used in other different ways when you have guests. You can add sofa beds or daybeds, if the space permits.
  • Take care that you do not block walkways and entryways.

stunning classic style solid-wood bed antique pattern

Interior Designing Tips for Bedroom

Bedroom designs can be traditional, contemporary or ultra-modern depending on the decor of your house. The major aspects such as lighting hue or the color of the flooring and the minor things such as the pattern of veneer or texture on the walls can make a huge difference. Go for light-colored bedroom furniture to give a spacious look.

You should go for neutral, warm and earthy colors on walls, ceilings and your furniture. Select the right design of the bed and a good wall decor. Look for some pictures or galleries. Choose laminated flooring, wood, or carpet that will keep the floor warm. Keep a rug on the bedside.

Select the right colors and designs for fabric for bed and curtains. Use light-colored curtains with dark walls and dark-colored curtains with light-colored walls. Instead of putting lights in the center of the ceiling, you can use lamp shades, pin lights and up lights.