Not all are born with fingernails and toenails fit for a celebrity. In fact, most people require hours and hours at the nail salon to get the perfect hands and toes. And the result needs to be done and redone over and over in a period of more or less two weeks.

Thanks to technology and a lot of creativity, though, the nails have found themselves a new friend. What used to be a simple two-coat application of one or two colors, now there is a choice of nail art designs, nail tattoos, nail studs (real Swarovski on nails) among many other things.

And while these new nail fashion trends take some time in application, thanks again to some very innovative minded people, this is now easy, breezy and sexy. Press on nails are the best friends of ladies who want gorgeous nails sans the maintenance and the time spent in the salon.  These artificial nails take no more than an hour and requires less maintenance than real nails. And they’re very artsy!

perfect tips and advices on applying artificial nails


For the uninitiated, here are some very helpful tips on how to apply artificial nails.

  1. Be prepared. Get everything ready at hand. Applying press on nails is a process that will not require you to have any obstructions. This is because one has to fully concentrate and when you apply the glue the nails must be put immediately before it dries off.
  2. Get more than one set of nails especially on your first time; get them in different sizes and not just designs. All nails are different and everyone have their own size. It is not easy to get fitting nails and you will have to shop for a few sets to get the perfect set. The most important thing is to first test them and see which nail goes on which finger. This is the most important tip one how to apply press on nails.
  3. Clean you natural nails. The nail adhesive will stick better on clean nails. Make sure you have cut your nails short and cleaned your nails’ upper surface free of old nail polish and other things. This will make application easy and long lasting.
  4. Apply the glue. Apply a thin layer of the nail glue. Do not put too much so they do not flood the sides and the cuticles when you press the nails on. Apply just enough. For side leakages, keep a cuticle stick handy.
  5. Apply the nail. Finally, put on the nails. Press gently but firmly and hold for a few minutes. This will ensure that the glue will have dried out and the nails will stick. Do not move too much, though, as it may ruin your new nails. Use the cuticle stick to clean off the sides.

ways to apply artificial nails

Now that you have these tips ready, get on ahead and get your desired nails and change them as soon as you tire of them! Happy nails day!