If you own a bicycle, it is important to know how to adjust bike brakes. Even though the latest braking systems are designed with safety and power in mind, you still need to understand how to care for these components. Continue reading as some tips will be provided below to help you to adjust the brakes on your bike.

Tips On How To Adjust Bike Brakes

Regardless of the problem that you have with the brakes, maybe they are too loose or tight, you must have an idea how to fix it. When the brakes are too tight, this will cause rubbing against the wheel and this will slow down the bike. When they are too loose, the bike will not get sufficient power. The following will help you to fix problem with slipping brakes:

tips on How to adjust bike brakes

  • Look at the brake lever on the handlebar for a screw adjuster. You are going to increase the power in the brake by turning the adjuster in a counterclockwise direction in order to add some tension to the cable. If the brake lever can be pulled all the way to the back of the handlebar, you need to add more tension.

  • Use an adjustable wrench to slacken the nut that is keeping the cable connected to the brake. After that, use pliers to pull on the cable until it’s tight. When the cable is tight enough, you can use the wrench to tighten the nut.

  • You can follow the same process to fix the other brake. When you are done, the braking system should be in good working condition.

How To Adjust Bike Brakes That Are Rubbing

You can use an alignment screw to fix your brakes that are rubbing faintly. Here is how you can do it.

  • Start by lifting the bike off the ground in order to spin the wheels.

  • Next, look behind the wheel rim for a small screw. Use a tiny Phillips screwdriver to turn the small screw very slowly to remove the brake from the rim. This might just need a bit of adjustment, so work slowly and spin the wheel frequently to check for rubbing. If the rubbing is serious, you need a brake cable to adjust the brake. You can use an adjustable wrench to slightly loose the nut that is holding the cable unto the brake.

  • After that, you can retighten the nut and test for any rubbing sound by spinning the wheel. Press the brake lever several times to check if the slack cable reaches the brake and if necessary you can loosen the brake cable some more.

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  • Once this is done, you can repeat the entire process on the other wheel.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the problems that you could have with your bike brakes. But, once you know how to adjust bike brakes you can ride much safer and easier. Note that these tips will help to fix bikes with frame-mounted brakes, so it’s best to get a professional mechanic to fix hydraulic disk braking systems.

Lastly, you need to understand that you should always buy parts or accessories for your bike from reputable brands or dealers. This way, you are guaranteed to have reliable brakes, pads or other accessories that can last a long time. When you are shopping, it’s best to choose well-known brands. Tektro brakes are definitely one of the options to consider as these products have been tested and proven.