One of the key factors in determining if being a lawyer is the right for you is knowing how long is law school. This can vary according to country and region, however, legal boards and oversight committees should be able to provide information specific to your local area. While choosing to become an attorney can provide a profitable and rewarding career path, be sure to know how long does law school take before setting off on your learning adventure. After all, there is no such thing as half a degree or a partially-accredited lawyer.

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When looking for an answer to how long is law school in USA, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that it takes approximately seven years of study from the first day of classes to becoming an accredited lawyer. However, of these seven years, only three years are spent in law school. As a prerequisite for acceptance into most law schools, a four-year degree in another field is often required. While there is not a standardized list of pre-law majors, anything that provides education on dealing with the public, government, philosophy, English, foreign languages and public speaking can provide excellent foundations for a prelaw degree. Keep in mind however, competition for many top law schools is fierce regardless of your choice and may change how long is law school for you.

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an expected growth of 13 percent in the various legal employment fields by 2018. Considering how long is law school study duration for an average law student and the dates of these figures, this means of all students starting their prelaw studies today of approximately 98,000 will graduate and become accredited within the normal seven-year time span. Of this growth, most of it will be concentrated in highly populated areas such as Los Angeles and New York City. Luckily, the answer to how long is law school in California and many of the other high-population states in this country is the same. However, more applicants for the study would create more competition in getting into school and even greater competition for jobs. It is becoming increasingly important for prospective law students to be able to relocate for employment after graduation.

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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics goes on to report the average annual wages of all wage-and-salaried lawyers was approximately $110,900. However, the average income after one year of work is closer to $69,000 for private practice lawyers. When considering a career in law, factor in how long is law school with the average tuition expenses of the school you want to attend. Compare this to the average incomes and living expenses to make sure this is a viable and lucrative investment. While for many people, the answer is a resounding yes but this may not be the case for everyone.

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