Homemade teeth whitening products can be prepared using products you can find at home. They prove to be much more effective than the other cheap teeth whitener products available in the market. It is quite easy to get that sparkling row, with very little effort, unless your tooth is severely discolored or you suffer from nasty habits that discolor the teeth.

inexpensive wat to whiten your teeth

Simple At Home Teeth Whitening Solutions

Here are some remedies you can do at home to keep those pearly whites clean and sparkling.

  1. Dip a clean soft cloth in virgin olive oil. Rub your teeth with it after daily brushing. Your teeth will glow instantly.
  2. Take a small piece of orange peels or banana skin and scrub your teeth with them. Mixing bay leaf powder with dried orange peels to scrub the teeth also helps a lot.
  3. You can also eat a lot of apples every day. They contain natural acids that help rub off dirt from your teeth. Eating strawberries will also do the same trick.

In addition to using simple kitchen products, you can also prepare effective tooth whitening pastes using simple safe chemicals. Mix one tablespoon of salt with one table spoon baking soda and add 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide to the mixture. Rub this paste on the teeth and gargle well with water every day. This is a very effective homemade teeth whitening product. Vinegar or lime juice mixed with baking soda also makes a great tooth whitening paste.

Doing any of the above remedy regularly will help you get beautiful white teeth in a few days. The taste of homemade teeth whitening products might detest some people. But, considering their effectiveness, the slightly sour taste of orange and lime peels are worth bearing. Moreover, artificial teeth whitening cost you up to $2000 instantaneously. The cost might go up based on the color and condition of the teeth. Whereas, homemade teeth whitening products do not have any side effects and don’t cost much.

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Homemade Teeth Whitening Precautionary Measures

At home remedies for teeth whitening using various kitchen substances and natural herbs may cause allergies for some people.  Baking soda might burn the tongue for some, while excess hydrogen peroxide will cause slight rashes in the mouth. Such people should seek a dentist’s advice immediately, instead of continuing the homemade teeth whitening products.

Dentists might suggest some clinical tooth whitening methods for them. Reliable artificial tooth whitening systems are usually costly, but worth the amount charged. Reliable methods like Zoom whitening cost sensibility and provide great results too. Regular care for clinically whitened teeth in the house is necessary to maintain the pearly shine and make the goofy sensation in the teeth subside slowly.  Homemade teeth whitening products used effectively with patience for a few days can improve your teeth color extensively. But, they sure don’t match the clinical treatment shine.

Keeping your teeth safe and healthy from teenage is the best way to make it shine all the way. Limit your caffeine intake, smoking and sweets intake, from the first time you start seeing your teeth getting dull. Homemade teeth whitening products will help you in preserving your teeth color effectively if you start early.