For those who like to be creative, there are a plethora of homemade Easter basket ideas around these days. A basket can be made from almost anything, and there are many variations from which you can choose. Of course, on Easter, much of what you put in a basket will be fragile so for any ideas you have, you should keep this in mind. A lot of creative ideas involve some sort of soft bed for the eggs and candy you will put in the basket.

Making Your Own Easter Basket

  • Easter Grass

To make the bed soft in a basket, you use Easter grass or something similar, which can be made up of paper or other materials. Many home Easter basket ideas involve what kind of Easter grass you decide to use, and the choice is yours as there is no rule book to follow.

unique Homemade easter basket ideas

One idea is to get different colors of construction paper and cut them into thin strips, then you loosely intertwine the pieces and crumple them up a bit to make a bed. For girls, you could use colors such as fuchsia, pink, and purple or whatever your girl prefers. For Easter baskets for boys, you could fill with blue and orange, which go well together.

In addition to paper, you can use cotton balls to give a nice, decorative bed for an Easter basket and dye them different colors beforehand with your kids.

  • Basket Materials

Some of the best homemade Easter basket ideas involve constructing the actual basket in ways nobody ever imagined, previously. For example, take something light and sturdy such as plastic or cardboard, and bend them into a basket shape. After that, take colored canvas and cover whatever material you use to make a softer, more bendable Easter basket.

Another possibility involves fabric. If you take many different pieces of colored fabric and interweave them together like many traditional baskets are made, you can create a unique basket that’s soft and colorful.

  • Cheap Ideas

unique easter baskets for boys

Alternatively, if you do not have a lot of money to spend or too much time to make such elaborate baskets, try looking in your cupboard and use what you have there. You can make miniature baskets from recycled plastic or styrofoam cups. Merely wrap some colored paper around the outside and add decorations with markers and cut-out shapes glued on to the paper.

Also, paper lunch bags can be converted in a similar manner. If you can buy a few pieces of construction paper, you can make a bag from scratch by bending, gluing, and stapling while decorating the outside as you wish.

Whatever you do, have fun and make something unique and of which you can be proud. This coming Easter, you should now have plenty of homemade Easter basket ideas. There are many ways to do this and many ways to design a basket in general. So, the sky is the limit and there are literally thousands of designs and options from which to choose. You can even make your own hybrid creation sourced from other homemade Easter basket ideas you find.