Many people have learnt better ways of protecting their homes. Not only do they install alarm systems but go as far as having home video surveillance cameras that run 24 hours to capture any happenings around the home and protect from intruders. This has become a most welcomed way especially on security matters. Surveillance cameras are made in many forms and sizes, such as wireless home video surveillance systems and wired systems.

essential wireless home video surveillance systems

Outdoor and Indoor Surveillance Cameras

All this can be installed anywhere around your home whether in privacy or open place where it can be seen by everyone. With outdoor home video surveillance cameras you can find those with night vision capabilities and motion sensors using infrared technology. They are interconnected to other equipment such as alarm or floodlight systems. As for indoor home video surveillance, the cameras can be so small so as to be attached to anything around your home. Also, they use less power compared to other surveillance cameras.

vital home video surveillance equipment

Home video surveillance equipment comes with a number of cameras from 8 to 32. They come with home video surveillance kits that comprises of cameras and a DVR recording unit, which enables each camera angle to be captured on a hard disk. Saved images and videos can be accessed at a later time by the owner.

Various Types of Video Surveillance

There are a number of home video surveillance cameras being sold in the market today. Their prices range depending on the type. They include:

  • Motion sensor cameras
  • Infrared Cameras
  • Spy cameras
  • Photoelectric cameras
  • Electromagnetic cameras and
  • Digital cameras

Home video surveillance cameras work by recording the area where it has been focused at. The cameras are placed at strategic places throughout your home. Depending on their sizes they can be in the open or hidden. Mountable cameras are installed in ceilings and on walls while standalone units can be placed on shelves or a book case. No matter what number of cameras you have they can be interconnected to transmit to a central system that displays as well as stores the video.

important home video surveillance kits

Looking at CCTV

As for closed circuit television better known as CCTV closed signals are sent to a receiving monitor, meaning that viewing is strictly observed by connected equipment and no other. VCR’s are used in video surveillance for purposes of recording. All the equipment is interconnected by use of coaxial cabling for cabled systems and for wireless IP connections are required. If you need to protect your home and see every happening even from far you can go for IP surveillance, which is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

have some video surveillance signs


Video surveillance signs are used to warn or inform people of the presence of a camera in the area. These signs are placed on doors and gates. Home video surveillance cameras are good and home owners should install them for security reasons.  This is a great defensive idea for residential areas as evil doers today appear anytime of the day and night.