It might not sound important but a clogged sink especially in the kitchen is one of the most dreaded household nightmares. The most terrifying part of it is that once it occurs at home expect to see it happen over and over again. The sad part is that it is not very practical to call a plumber each time it happens so it is best to know how to do it yourself.

Reasons For A Clogged Sink

There are several reasons why sink become clogged. It could be one of the following:

  • Accumulation of dirt in the pipe

  • Build up combination of food particles and grease or oily substances that hardened within the drainage.

  • Tiny objects falling into the drainage pipe.

  • Bathroom sink or drainage can also clog because of hair, dirt and soap build up.

unclogging clogged sink

Kitchen sink can clog easily because of its thin 2-inch pipes that do not leave any extra space for anything else but water. Fortunately, there are about half a dozen different ways to fix aclogged kitchen sink drain using simple home remedies. So you don’t have to go out of your way to buy or spend a lot for it. Just read the following tips on how to fix a clogged sinkcarefully and you are good to go in unclogging your sink.

Different Ways To Fix Clogged Sink Using Home Remedies

  • Boiling hot water

This is quite a popular home remedy for clogged sink because it is readily available and easy to do. Just boil some water in the kettle and pour it directly down the drain. Be sure that you have bailed the sink of stagnant water first before you pour the hot water. The concept behind this action is to dissolve the fat that often caused clogged sink in the kitchen. Some people also make use of liquid soap for this method. After the hot water is poured down the drain, a mixture of water and liquid soap is poured into it.

  • Pop or Soda

Soda or your pop soft drinks will do very well in removing clogs. These pop products that you drink can unbelievably do even better than the usual clog removal products you can buy in the supermarket. The trick is to make the temperature of a liter or two of pop or soda into room temperature before pouring the whole lot straight into the drain. After an hour or so, pour down the hot water.

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda is known as a home remedy to many ailments and household problems. This is also very handy to have around if your kitchen sink is clogged. All it takes is a table spoon full of baking soda poured into the drain. After which you can pour hot water into it. But to be more effective, you can pour vinegar instead of water. You can also use baking soda crystals and pour it into the drain and leave it overnight. Flush it with hot water in the morning.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar poured down into the drain is good but it will work better if it is hot, better than hot water in unclogging sink.

tips on how to fix a clogged sink

Alternate Remedies For A Clogged Sink

If these doesn’t work and you got the ‘know how’ and the tools, you can do the following.

  • Traditionally, if a sink is clogged, using a plunger is common and still works. Often, it is best to use the plunger to bail the water so that you can do the methods mentioned above.

  • Aside from the plunger, a device called wire snake is also used to get rid of clogs although this is best used in bathroom drains to remove hairs or other small objects that might have clogged the drain. Clogged sink in the kitchen are often caused by hardened oil so hot water is more recommended than using the wire snake.

  • If you know how, you can open the clean out port of the drain pipes and clean it directly. This might be the best thing to do if you have done everything and nothing seemed to work. You can remove clogs through the clean out port by using a water hose for pressure or some other plumbing devices like the wire snake and the jet snake.

Of course, like anything else, the best way to unclog the sink is to prevent it from clogging. There are preventive measures you can do to avoid circumstances as clogged sink from happening in your kitchen. But if you can’t prevent it from happening, you can do any of the methods above if you don’t want to call professional plumbers.