There are just too many things in life that we need to calculate and for the people that hates numbers and figures, this would really be a daunting task. Thankfully, there are five types of calculators, display, graphing, financial, scientific and printing calculators. Now, you might be thinking what a home loan repayment calculator is. A home loan repayment calculator help you calculate different home loan repayment scenarios once you have entered the principal home loan amount.

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A home loan repayment calculator is a great basic mortgage calculator which helps us estimate the amount which we will have to repay the bank every month. There are different types of home loan repayment calculators but a few instructions have to be kept in mind when using these calculators. Interest rates and number of years in which the loan has to be repaid are displayed to the left side of the calculator and can be changed using the sliders. Repayment schedule can also be adjusted depending upon the borrower convenience to weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This thus displays the periodic repayment amount and the total cost of the loan graphically on the right side of the calculator for the different scenarios.

In addition to home loan repayment calculators we can also use home loan extra repayment calculator as this helps you estimate your savings in your loan, by paying extra payments along with your regular mortgage payments. The basic instructions to use a home loan extra repayment calculator are to include interest rate, loan amount, loan term repayment, current regular repayment. Then enter the extra payment you are going to make and you will see in the result box what these excess repayments estimated savings from the loan made.

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The home loan repayment calculator interest only helps you estimate what a monthly payment might be on an interest only mortgage loan. An interest-only loan is where the borrower pays only the accrued interest on a given length of time. After the set time the principal balance is also repaid within the remaining term. Hence the home loan repayment calculator interest only shows some fairly low monthly payment.

Extra home loan repayment calculator is similar to home loan extra repayment calculator. It shows you how much you can save by making some extra payments every month or so. Thus these calculators are beneficial to people taking loans and have made financial calculations much easier.