Essential Buying Guide For Water Pumps

Before you buy the water pump, what do you need it for? The versatility of electric water pumps cannot be gainsaid. You can check the Hayward super pump. Depending of the various types of water pumps available, there is very little you cannot do that concerns water pumping with these pieces of equipment. Notably, as a buying guide for water pumps, it’s worth noting that there are electric-powered and gas-powered water pumps. The choice between the two depends of the level of activity to be done.

buying guide for water pumps

Why Would You Need A Water Pump?

Water pumps are used for pumping water through pipe system for the following purposes:

  • Draining water in case of flooding
  • Either draining or filling up the swimming pool
  • Pumping water for irrigation purposes and sprinkling
  • Spraying pesticides and fertilizers
  • Used in construction sites to provide water

Buying Guide For Water Pumps

As you have already seen, there are so many kinds of water pumps available designed to perform various pumping tasks. But how do you choose the exact one that you need? The following criteria may be helpful to you so that you save on costs and increase the efficiency and longevity of your water pump.

  • Jet pumps

These are extensively used around the home for pumping water from water wells. They are relatively cheap to acquire and maintain and not so powerful.

  • Trash pumps

Pumps of this kind are mainly used in construction sites where the water to be pumped is contaminated with solid matter. Being a little more powerful, they can handle rocks really well and are designed to pump all solid matter contained in water.

  • Well pumps

As their name suggests, they are used for pumping water out of deep wells. By their design, they can also be used to pump relatively thin liquids, with or without solids depending on the type of impeller chosen.

  • Flexible impeller pumps

They are relatively low-cost and not as powerful. Liquids such as water, seawater and other thin liquids are easily pumped using the flexible impeller pumps. Little amount of solids also can’t do any harm.

hayward super pump

Troubleshooting Guide

One of the important aspects of the buying guide for water pumps is that it can help you identify when your water pump is on the fritz and most importantly how to troubleshoot it. Some common signs of trouble with your water pump include:

  • Low water pressure at the end
  • The pump going alternately on-off
  • Clicking or chattering at the pressure knob
  • Leaking water

All these are some signs that something could be wrong, either with the water pump itself or the source of water. Then, there is also the risk of corrosion to the parts of the water pump. When the pump is used to transport other fluid like seawater, it is prone to get corroded, thereby reducing its life and efficiency.

Then, there is overheating. This is the surest sign that inside workings of your pump are not good. Fixing this, you may need to consult an expert or replace the faulty piece, if you can rightly identify it.

Useful Tips When Buying Pool Vacuum Hoses

Are interested in learning how to clean your pool easily?The swimming pool at the backyard looks stunning and adds elegance. The private swimming pools provide you with an awesome chance to spend your summer holidays in a marvelous way. Having a private swimming pool is not a big deal, but maintaining the cleanliness of a pool is a huge deal. Well, you can see quite commonly the leaves and dirt flowing over the swimming pools and cleaning these can be difficult if you do not have a vacuum with you. For better performance of a pool vacuum, you need to have a pool vacuum hose.

pool vacuum hose

Tips When Buying A Pool Vacuum Hose

  • Length – The hose that is used for the pool cleaners is not similar to the room vacuum cleaners. This hose is subjected to chemicals and water pressure along with flotsam and jetsam so that it can handle all the things easily. You should consider the length of pool hose before buying it quite carefully. If the length of the hose is long then it would help you in a great manner.


  • Durability – You should also consider the durability of a hose while buying it. These days you can find a number of pool vacuum hoses in the market and these are also known as swimming pool vacuum hose. You should always buy a vacuum hose for pool that can stand up against high internal pressures and the turns and twists it would be subjected to. If you buy a bad quality hose, you will have to repair it again and again and you wouldn’t get enough time for having fun in the pool.
  • Adapter – In order to make sure that your hose attaches to inlet and vacuum easily, you should always buy the right pool vacuum hose adapter. You should always buy a cuff so that it can be attached to the pool vacuum hose. This cuff will allow the hose to rotate while you sweep and thus lessen time that you spend vacuuming the pool.

swimming pool vacuum hose

  • Safety – Make sure that your pool is safe and clean by using the hose properly to clean the pool in a proper manner. If you are new to pool maintenance you should always fill your vacuum hose with water from the pool in order to clean the pool. While cleaning the pool you should always keep in mind that pump in the pool basically pushes the pool water but not air.

There are a number of online stores these days that provide you with hoses with good quality. However, you should always look for the hoses that provide the traits specified above at an affordable price. Use these good hoses for your pool vacuum like the Hayward pool vac.

Creating Awareness for the Important Pool Maintenance Tips

As summer comes the pools begin to open. The pools provide plenty of activity and are a good place for aerobic exercise and respite. Swimming can be one of the best exercises you can do. It doesn’t put any weight on the joints and bones, plus it strengthens the upper and lower body. It also can help with the cardiovascular conditioning and works many of the major muscle groups. But of course in order for this to happen you need to follow some pool maintenance tips. The three keys to easy pool care are sanitation, oxidation and water balance.

pool maintenance tips

To ensure a clean pool, you need to concentrate the efforts in removing unwanted dirt and foreign particles as well as adjusting the PH level in the pool water. This is something that can’t be done whenever you think about it. You need to test the water of your pool regularly so you can adjust the levels by adding chemicals. A pool maintenance program can help prevent problems with your pool and prevention is better than the cure, it’s always easier to perform maintenance than to have to repair. There are regular pool maintenance tips you can follow that will help your maintenance become easier.

The Hayward Industries

Working to keep your pool maintenance effortless for owners as well as easy, Hayward Industries has been in business for over 80 years. They keep working to create efficient and cutting edge products fabricating Totally Hayward Systems that will work well all year round. Their main goal to the public is to make things easier for them by creating such products like filters, pumps, heaters, and cleaners.

hayward pool vac

Important Things That Needs To Be Done

In the spring when you open the pool and in the fall when you close it, are the times when you have the most work to do. Here are some tips on pool maintenance tips for opening and closing a pool.

To Open:

  • Remove the cover that has been on since winter. The cover needs to be rinsed, dried and put away laying flat in a dry place.
  • Reattach the equipment back to the pool such as the pump and filter. Make sure to put the skimmer basket back for the debris won’t go into the pump.
  • Fill the pool with water up to the skimmer.
  • Test and put in chemicals, since it’s been closed it will be in need of a lot of chlorine.

To Close:

  • Clean the pool including skimming, vacuuming and putting in chemicals,
  • Remove the water down to the below the inlet jets, by back washing and draining the water.
  • Disconnect all electrical equipment removing other pieces such as the ladder. Empty the water from the filter and pump. Store in a dry warm place,
  • Put the cover on and secure it.

Speaking of easy, there is an automatic cleaner made by Hayward that is promising to be the best solution to your pool maintenance needs. The Hayward Pool Vac is a robotic vac that will help keep your pool clean. It can be a pool owner’s best friend especially if your pool gets a lot of use.

Hayward’s List of Pool Cleaning Tools

Millions of households own their own swimming pools and appreciate the benefit of cooling off on those hot summer days. Everybody can also enjoy the benefit of a clean swimming pool, however, the work associated in cleaning and maintenance is not appreciated. But you don’t need to worry because there is a solution. The Hayward Pool Company provides many fine products to make the chore of cleaning the swimming pools a bit easier. Here is a list of pool cleaning tools you will need for basic pool cleaning and maintenance.

list of pool cleaning tools

Easy Pool Cleaning Steps

Every cleaning task can be made easier if you know where to begin and what to use. Here are simple steps and tips in cleaning your pools;

  • For basic pool cleaning, simply connect one end of the swivel hose to the triangle brush vacuum head and the triangle brush vacuum head to the telescopic pole.
  • Then attach the other end of the swivel hose to the skimmer basket and pool filter attachment in order to create a strong suction flow from the bottom of the triangle brush head. Now you are ready to have some fun.
  • Standing on your pool deck and holding the telescopic pole handle, slowly sweep the triangle brush vacuum head along the bottom of the swimming pool where the dirt has settled. If you sweep the vacuum head to fast, the dirt will just get lifted up from the bottom and settle again after the water is calm again thus increasing the amount of time you will spend cleaning your pool.
  • When you are not using the vacuum, attach the leaf skimmer to the telescopic pole to skim the water surface to remove leafs.

In today’s lifestyle, it is certain that everybody lead busy lives and will agree that keeping the pool free of leaves and other small debris is a major chore. To make everybody’s lives a bit easier, the Hayward Pool Company carries a full line of automatic swimming pool cleaners made for all types of swimming pools to go with their list of pool cleaning tools.

hayward pool vac

Popular Pool Cleaning Products from Hayward

     •Hayward Shark VAC robotic swimming pool cleaner

     •Hayward Diver Dave automatic above ground swimming pool cleaner

  • Hayward Pool Vac Ultra XL automatic swimming pool cleaner

     •Visit Hayward’s web site for a complete list of pool cleaning tools

The last thing a person wants to do is to spend hours cleaning swimming pools each week. These automatic swimming pool cleaners are great time savers. The automatic swimming pool cleaners can operate independently of the swimming pools filter system or it can be connected to the pools filter system utilizing the pool filter’s suction just like the manual vacuums. Whichever automatic swimming pool cleaner you decide to purchase, it will do a great job of cleaning your swimming pool. Now, enjoy your weekend!

Features That Made Hayward Pool Vac Products A Cut Above The Rest

Why is Hayward Vacuum cleaners for pools popular? The Hayward Pool Vac is a great solution to your pool maintenance needs. Great products like the Hayward pool vac ultra, the Hayward pool vac XL and the Hayward robotic pool vacs are all products to consider if you need to keep your pools clean and looking their best.

hayward pool vac

Brief History

Hayward Industries has been around for over 80 years, constantly working to keep pool maintenance not only possible but also easy and effortless for owners around the nation. They seek to create “cutting edge” products and work to fabricate efficient Totally Hayward Systems that work year-round. Their goal is to make things easy and simple, with products ranging from filters, pumps, heaters, cleaners, and more. AquaVac Systems, acquired in 2007, has become a brand that Hayward uses due to its international reputation for high quality manufacturing. The companies now work together to market maximum growth opportunities.

hayward pool vac ultra


  • Energy Efficiency. Cleaners by Hayward are automatic, allowing for energy conservation and less effort on the owner’s part. The most efficient cleaners are the robotic cleaners, which save up to 94% of energy costs vs. common pressure cleaners. From the TigerShark to the SharkVAC, these robotic cleaners offer a great solution that might be perfect for you.
  • Suction Cleaners. The suction cleaners that Hayward is renowned for are one of their many great products. Suction cleaners are used best in desert and tropical climates where the Hayward pool vac can easily handle fine debris, twigs, and leaves. Even though they have to be installed through a dedicated line, it can be done in 15 minutes without any other tools necessary. The Hayward Blu is a great solution for in-ground pools with its SmartDrive technology, which makes it fast and efficient. The Pool Vac XL is great because of its AquaPilot steering maneuverability, which allows the cleaner to steer in a predetermined routine.
  • Single Pass Capability. As the majority of these cleaners are powered by your own filtration system, buying a booster pump is an unnecessary expense. The DV5000 is another great solution for its impressive power. Able to devour debris in a single pass, it’s an automatic pool cleaner that is quiet and self-propelling. This means that, on its own, it can clean up all the dirt, debris and twigs that are in your pool.

hayward pool vac xl

Having a pool, either personally or commercially, is an investment that’s hard to maintain. Pools need constant work and maintenance; Hayward is a company that helps you to keep everything in order.

Whether you are buying all of your equipment from Hayward or just your cleaners, they’re a great place to go to solve all of your pool problems. So don’t worry about having to maintain a pool. The hassle, the worry, and the amount of work can be significantly cut down if you choose to use the products that Hayward has spent years and millions of dollars developing. The Hayward pool vac might be the last thing you need to buy for the rest of your career as a pool owner, and their quality and durability will make it a purchase worth your while, plus additional Hayward pool vac parts are very reasonably priced.

GE Replacement Parts

GE replacement parts can be obtained at times from GE themselves, especially if it is a newer GE appliance in warranty. You can take the GE appliance to a certified GE repair shop, or hire a repairman to put in GE replacement parts. Just ask them if they repair GE appliances and if they do, if you can buy the part from them, as well.

GE Replacement Parts

Also, you can get used appliance parts to do DIY repairs. If you know how to do a repair on a GE appliance, you can get GE appliance parts from appliance parts shops. Maybe you have a friend or friend of a friend who has parted out a GE appliance that was the same as yours. Ask around and see if one did, maybe you can buy GE replacement parts from them.

General Electric replacement parts can sometimes be found online, or in a parts shop where they part out dead electrical appliances and keep good used appliance parts for others to buy. Look around for appliance “chop shops” for used appliance parts if you are buying a part for your GE appliance. Check Craigslist for people who might be selling GE appliance parts, too.

GE refrigerator parts

Sometimes, there is a local Freecycle and other online classifieds for your local area to look into for people selling or giving away GE replacement parts. If someone on Freecycle is giving away a free GE appliance that is broken and it matches the model of yours, ask them for this and part it out and see if the GE appliance part that you need actually works. If this is the case, you got a free repair, especially if you are a DIY’er.

After you had gotten or bought the GE appliance to part out, then you can part it out even more and store the GE appliance parts so that if another part breaks, you can go to your storage and quickly replace what broke down. Keep a nicely organized rack of the parts in the garage or shed of your GE appliance parts and you should be as good as gold.

General Electric replacement parts can be found in appliance parts shops and sometimes on Craigslist and other classifieds sites. Even if you do this, check the curbs on garbage day to see if there is a particular GE appliance that you need out there. If there is, bring a truck and pick it up to part out at home. This is best done if you are a handyman.