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Home And Office Talk: Fans Vs Air Conditioners | Content Injection

When it comes to energy saving and consumption, a debate on fans vs air conditioners is most likely one of the top topics. Who wouldn’t melt and pay homage to the scintillating respite an air conditioner brings, especially on a blistering hot day? Back in 2011, the New York Times has published a Home Section article on fans vs air conditioners by the author, Michael Tortorello. It’s not surprising though that a Liliputian number — less than 2% — prefers fans over air conditioners.

Whatever side you’re batting for right now, it pays to know about the team you’re playing for. Fans vs air conditioners may be an overused and abused topic, but it still pays to know both of their strengths and weaknesses.

Portable and Efficient Quite Air Conditioner

Comparison Between Fans vs Air Conditioners

You have to admit that both have its own perks – both the good side and the bad side.

  • Comfort. In a hot summer day, if Coca-Cola is god, an air conditioner is its most tight competition. A fan can somehow alleviate the heat, but the comfort it brings is nowhere near to that of an air conditioner.
  • Home decor. Depends really on the kind of appliance you get. In an air conditioner’s case, buy it, position it, plug it and you’re good to go. Whereas a fan, it can be quite bulky and an eyesore.
  • Energy consumption. It goes without saying that an air conditioner will eat up more energy than that of a fan. A regular air conditioner running for eight hours, 125 days a year can eat up to 2,070 kilowatt hours, whereas a fan can total to only up to 750 kilowatt hours.
  • Budget. Air conditioners give you more comfort — though eats a lot more energy — is way more expensive than that of a fan.

Selection Tips

When it comes to choosing between fans and air conditioners, below are essential factors you need to consider when buying one for your home or office.

  • Cost. Generally, how much is your budget?
  • Electricity use. You will be paying for the power consumed by your appliance.
  • Functionality. What works best for you? For home owners who’ll be sacrificing their sleep or an office who’s productivity will suffer because of the discomfort the heat brings, maybe it’s time to get an air conditioner.
  • Portability. Consider your logistics – is it temporary or permanent?

High Capacity Quiet Air Conditioner

Whether at home or the office, when summer comes and the heat skyrockets, finding ways to cool yourself will be one of your priority. This means buying an air conditioner is most likely in your agenda.

Moving on from the fans vs air conditioners topic, you need to learn how to pick the best of the lot. If you are going with an air conditioner, make sure to pick a quiet air conditioner.

Functionality wise, it’s the same as a regular unit only that it’s carefully and meticulously designed for quiet operation.

Choosing a quiet air conditioner affords you to work or rest in a cool and silent ambiance. What better comfort is there than that?