Hair straighteners have been in use for a long time, starting from way back the 1900s, a time when tools used for hair straightening were two pieces of iron. These pieces were used by clamping them between hairs for straightening. Since then, hair straighteners have evolved to incorporate more features and designs. It is no secret that women all over the world like having their hair styled differently. They could choose to get services for hair straightening is offered in hair and beauty salons, although other people prefer doing their own hair at home.

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Types and Methods of Hair Straightening

Since the first hair straightening procedure was performed, it has evolved to more methods. These methods are listed below;

  • Permanent Straightening technique is performed using chemicals. These chemicals cause sulfur bonds in a person’s hair to separate, allowing it to take new shape and straight form. Neutralizing elements are used thereafter to reconnect sulfur bonds. This technique should be carried out by a professional.
  • Chemical Treatment is another method used as hair straighteners. Alkaline chemicals are used to swell hair and break bonds of sulfur. Caution should be taken while using this method, because, if the chemical is left on a person’s hair for long it can cause irreversible damage. Application of a protective cream to your scalp is highly advised before procedure.
  • Most popular method and tool used as hair straighteners are the hair irons. They have wide plates to accommodate large hair sections at a time while straightening. Available in markets today are ceramic hair straighteners, which have plates coated with ceramic. These plates enable even distribution of heat through hair while also preventing damage.

Current hair straighteners have an allocation for changing settings according to your likes, as well as different hair types. Performing this using the best hair straighteners gives quality results therefore, always look out for good hair straighteners from your salon or retailers of straighteners.

On the other hand, for those that prefer having curls on their hair, a wand curling iron is a great investment as they are easy to use at home.

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One thing that you should keep in mind is the aftercare given on straightened hair. Regular care should be given to your hair to avoid damage. Several products can be used to help in this like shampoos and conditioners. Deep conditioning of hair at least every two weeks is advisable to keep hair in perfect condition after hair straightening treatment. For more information about hair straighteners, you can search online, and you will be amazed by the information you will find. User reviews will help you in making final decisions on the type of hair straighteners to buy.