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History, Features And Models Of Persol Ratti | Content Injection

The Persol Ratti is one of the most popular and most trusted brands of sunglasses today. Explore how Persol Ratti got its name in the eyewear industry.

rare classic persol ratti 714 sunglasses

Its Existence

It was designed by Giuseppe Ratti, owner of Berry Opticians which is an optical group that was formed a long time ago. Being a focused man driven by ambition and passion for his job, Ratti was set on expanding the versatility, design and functionality of eyewear, especially those used by pilots and rally drivers. In the process of trying to improve the eyewear they already had for absolute comfort and functionality for the pilots and race drivers, Ratti stumbled upon the best protective sunglasses. He named it Persol, which means “for the sun.” That was the beginning of the line of Persol sunglasses.

timeless persol ratti sunglasses with case


In general, the Persol Ratti sunglasses define beauty, practicality as well as comfort in sunglasses. Here are some of their features.

  • By virtue of them being polarized, they provide ultimate eye protection from the harmful UV rays.
  • Apart from that, these sunglasses are installed with powerful lenses that are able to guarantee its wearer optimal vision and at times even serve to correct eyesight depending on the kind of lens.
  • The frames of the Persol eyewear are handmade and created with precision. The company is dedicated to quality.

The following are some of the materials used in the making of this eyewear:

  • Acetate for the frame
  • Crystals for the lens

fashionable persol ratii sunglasses

Sunglasses Models

In the recent times, the Persol Ratti is one of the most popular brands of eyewear both recreation and medical needs. They come in a variety of makes in terms of materials used and more especially, the kind of lens used. The following are some of the models of Persol eyewear.

  • Persol 2931 – This is the ultimate combination of style and protection.
  • Persol 2720 – These sunglasses are sleek and classic.
  • Persol 714 – This model is collapsible.

The Persol 714 Ratti is the most famous model of the Persol eyewear ever to be made. This model of sunglasses is a signature of Steve McQueen, a famous actor back in the day; hence, increasing the sunglasses’ popularity. The Persol 714 is a combination of the following four factors:

  • Comfort
  • Elegance
  • Protection
  • Modernity

vintage persol 58230 rattil sunglasses

Another model of the Persol eyewear is the Persol Ratti 58230. This model is the most suitable one in terms of appearance and strength. At the same time, it serves to improve its wearer’s field of vision.

When buying these sunglasses, you need to consider the design, the color and lens. Due to their versatility and features, it is obvious that the Persol Ratti is the ultimate kind of eyewear.