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History and Uses of the Blender Bottle | Content Injection

The Blender Bottle is an important product for people who are always on the go. The idea of the bottle blender comes from the invention of Stephen Poplawski in 1922 when he invented a blender for kitchen use. He was in fact the first man who placed a rotating blade at the container’s bottom. He uses this invention to create a soda fountain beverage. While the invention of Poplawski is gaining notice, Fred Osius in 1935 improved Poplawski’s design and reinvented it to create the popular Waring blender.

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In today’s highly innovative era, the blender has greatly evolved. Steve Sorensen, software executive who became an inventor, created a prototype bottle containing a wire whisk that can be used to mix nutritional shakes, after getting tired of drinking his lumpy protein shakes. He worked on his creation and finally perfected it, thus, the birth of the Blender Bottle and the patented wire whisk, the BlenderBall. There are cheap Blender Bottles that can be easily carried out anywhere you go. A custom Blender Bottle is a good gym companion to help mix protein drinks that you need after doing some vigorous exercises.

Uses of the Blender Bottle

A Blender Bottle is not just good for protein shakes but is a good kitchen aid as well, just like the mini blender. It can be a good kitchen companion for:

  • Mixing salad dressings
  • Making pesto
  • Grinding and chopping nuts
  • Pureeing as well as mincing garlic
  • Making powdered sugar
  • Thoroughly mixing pancake batter
  • Creating yogurt smoothies
  • Making lump-free gravy
  • Making French toast or tempura batter
  • Mixing sauces and marinades
  • Making omelets and other egg meals

Aside from the uses mentioned, the Blender Bottle can be used for storing water and other nutritional liquids. The patented BlenderBall technology is a new age wire whisk such that when the Blender Bottle is shaken, it will break the solid contents of the bottle and will get blended devoid of lumps. The mini Blender Bottle is the handier version of this innovative product, available in 20-ounce sizes with a BlenderBall inside. All these can be done without the need of electric power.

 sportmixer blender bottle

There are actually many good reasons why you need to include it in your shopping list. It is multifunctional and versatile. It is a stress-free device that is convenient to carry anywhere you go. Cleanup is easy and most importantly, it is durable. It is crafted from sturdy resources ensuring that the bottle will not get damaged easily after several days or weeks. All Blender Bottles are created free of harmful Bisphenol A (BPA).

Take full advantage of getting a Blender Bottle now. It is versatile, easy to handle, and affordable for every budget.