Hipster sunglasses are the hottest craze today even though we are no longer in the nineties. Ever since their inception, these plastic style hipster sunglasses have taken the fashion world by storm.

Knowing More of Hipster Sunglasses

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Raymond Stegeman, an American optical designer, introduced the Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses to the market in 1952. They are considered as the first hipster sunglasses and were worn by a lot of hipsters during those times. This move revolutionized the sunglasses fashion market forever. These sunglasses had been a breakthrough from the regular metal eyewear from the previous years to the plastic molded frames which are extremely popular today. Over the years, the hipster glasses have been in and out of fashion, appearing in many television programs and films. They took over the fashion world in 2000s when a huge number of indie kids started to sport the oversized plastic style frames that were made to hook around the ears. In recent years, musicians and celebrities also started to show interest in the hipster style sunglasses.

Distinguishing Features of Hipster Sunglasses

Today, you can find many different styles and colors of Wayfarers on the market. With the increase in popularity, this hipster fashion accessory is now selling in thousands. As result, the manufacturer is now re-modeling the design to satisfy the growing demands of the hipster fashion enthusiasts. You can use the following features to identify these sunglasses.

  • The initial design for these sunglasses had been criticized for being unstable, which led to some slight alterations. The changes resulted in sunglasses with sturdier and thicker arms, plus the shades were given more masculine look.
  • You can identify the most popular type of hipster style glasses by their huge, black, rectangular shape frames which are usually made from thick plastic material. Generally, the size of these frames extends from the brow towards the mid-section of the cheekbone or a little beyond it. There are also other variations on these styles such as multicolored round frames.
  • You can also find hipster sunglasses in the form of vintage glasses which often comes with comical or unique frame designs like cat eyes and hearts.
  • Some of the popular modern frames include the blinder shades. These are the preferred choice for those who are into the pop culture.
  • The popular versions of the iconic hipster style sunglasses include amber or brown frames, metal frames and the round O-shaped frames.
  • Keep in mind that some hipster glasses also come with thin frames, but the design will still have the large size.

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