Herpes testing for men is usually done in a doctor’s office where blood is taken. There are certain types of testing that can be done at home, but men who want to know for sure prefer the health clinic. The blood testing cannot tell what type of Herpes you have. It can only detect its presence. Until an outbreak occurs it is not clear if a person has type 1 or type 2. Sometimes it is not clear that a person has the infection at all; because there are no outbreaks therefore they do not feel like they need to be tested for STDs and go on with business as usual. This gives them the opportunity to spread the infection to their partners without knowing it and that gives importance in testing for Herpes in men.

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Herpes does not discriminate it can affect men and women of any age. It can be passed to others through physical contact. Herpes causes painful open sores around the mouth or genitals that can occur with no warning. Type 1 can be passed through kissing and sharing drinks. Type 2 is passed through sexual contact with others. The fact that you can spread Herpes to other without knowing you have it is a fact that is lost on a lot of people. Another fact that people do not understand is that you can spread Herpes to others even when you are not having an outbreak. One out of ten people regularly have a male Herpes test. The sad truth is that one out of four needs Herpes testing for men. This is the reason that America has such a wide spread epidemic of the disease. The public’s view of sex with multiple partners has changed drastically and this leads to more diseases being spread quicker than ever before.

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Herpes testing for men is a necessity because it helps protect other people from contracting the disease. Precautionary measures such as condoms do not always work one hundred percent of the time. Treatment of Herpes is done by prescribed topical treatments, but there are no cures for the infection. The medicine can shorten the duration of an outbreak and provide some relief. A person can carry the infection and never have an outbreak, but continue to spread it to unsuspecting partners. That is why Herpes testing for men and women is so important. This is especially true if you are sexually active with more than one partner. Know how to test for Herpes in men online or go to a doctor for a more professional approach.