Safe sex is very important and even if you do not have the symptoms of an STD, a herpes blood test is good to rule out any chance. If you are someone who has multiple partners or are dating someone a new one, it is good to be tested as a precautionary measure. Herpes blood test is the best precaution to find out if you do indeed have herpes. It is a test done of the blood and can detect HSV type 1 and 2. HSV is an infection that causes small but very painful sores. It can occur as an outbreak only once and lay dormant for the rest of a person’s life. There are some people that are unfortunate enough to have multiple outbreaks, and can even spread Herpes to others when it is dormant through physical contact. Genital Herpes is spread through sexual contact and type 1 is spread simple contact such as kissing. In some rare cases HSV can affect the eyes and the brain. Is there a blood test for herpes one can do at home? There is but you have to make sure that it is not just a test that looks for antibodies, but the actual infection itself. This will tell you if you currently have the infection not just if it has been present in your bloodstream. If your home Herpes blood test proves to be positive, don’t be alarmed just yet because most do give false readings at first. Still, the best option is do consult a doctor and have a more professional Herpes blood test.

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Herpes blood test accuracy is important to really follow up with. Some people have been told that they have the infection and this has turned out to be untrue and there are also cases of false negative herpes blood test. It’s easy to mistake genital herpes symptoms for something else, or to be diagnosed by symptoms alone and actually not have the infection. As you can imagine being told you have the disease can adversely affect your life. Being told you do not have the disease when you do can adversely affect the partners you come into contact with. Herpes blood test is the best way to determine if you have the infection so you can arm yourself with treatment and protection to protect your present partner and any future partners you may have.

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A Herpes infection can be treated but there is no cure for it. It hides in a certain type of nerve cell and is something that you will have for life. Medicine can shorten the length of an outbreak, but it cannot cure it. It is important to always practice safe sex because while it may not completely take away your chances of contracting and needing a herpes blood test, it will cut down significantly on your risk.