Scouring the city for that perfect dress could be very tedious at times, especially if you are not even sure which type of dresses to buy. Here are some tips in shopping dresses that is right for you.


If you’re buying a dress for a specific occasion, make sure that you know about the details pertaining to the said occasion. Make sure to follow the dress code or motif if there is any. Weddings, Proms or any other formal occasions usually enforce strict dress codes. Always make sure to wear appropriate attire in attending special occasions.

white flowy pleated spaghetti strap evening prom party dress

Color and Style

There are two strict guidelines to follow in choosing the most appropriate color of the dress. Choose from the range of colors based on your skin tone. You can either choose a dress with color matching your skin tone or get a contrasting one to complement your skin if your light-skinned. Another thing to consider in choosing the color would be the motif if you’ll be wearing the dress to a specific occasion.

The style of the dress is another factor to consider. Rule of thumb is to choose the style that compliments your body type. Also, choose dress styles that will surely flatter your figure. Always remember that with the right dress, flaws in your figure can be hidden. Check out XOXO dresses for you to choose the correct dress according to your body type.


Decorations in a dress are also one thing to consider. It’s okay to have extravagant decorations in a dress if it will be worn in a formal occasion. Just make sure that it’s not overly done. For regular occasions, the best choice would be a simple one. A simple piece with a great cut will prove to be very classy and elegant.


Choose the size of dress that fits your body without limiting your need to breathe. The best cut for you is the one that shows your beautiful curves and hides your flaws. Always have the dress modified according to your size and shape. Most stores offer this service for free or with just a small charge. This is a small price to pay as compared to wearing a dress that won’t fit you perfectly.

simple soprano lace skater dress


Perhaps the greatest factor to consider is the price. Not all designer products will look good in you. Remember that a large chunk of the price of their dress is due to commercial advertisement. Always base your decision on the quality of what you’re buying. And once you’ve settled on a specific dress, do some more research; it may be available thru local retailers or thrift shop where you can get it at a discounted price. You can also compare prices online so you’ll have a better idea.

Whatever your reason in buying a new dress, always keep in mind to allot sufficient time to do the job. Planning ahead and knowing what specific type of dress to buy will not only save you time but also eliminate unwanted purchases. If the dress will be worn on a special occasion, start researching a few weeks or months in advance to accommodate minor changes. It also gives you a buffer to browse and compare prices. Pre-order them a few weeks before the actual occasion to try it and make the necessary adjustments.