The name clearly suggests its purpose. A photo printer is used to print pictures. Standard printers can also be used for the same purpose but with the ideal photo printer¸ you will have better prints and the pictures you take from your digital camera will come out superb.

The downside of printing on paper is that the resolution does not come out as expected. It may look great on your camera but the same image quality can’t be expected when you use a normal printer. A photo printer on the other hand will give you the desired quality. However, going to the shop each time can cost you a lot. Thus, if you are going to use the printer a lot, it is advisable that you purchase a good printer for your photographs.

first class canon photo printer

The market is loaded with numerous printers today. It is important that you analyze your requirements and choose the best photo printer. Here are some considerations to make:

Useful Tips

  • The print size is important. There are different kinds of printers that will print different sizes of pictures. If 4×6 is enough for you, you don’t need to break the bank for a large printer. You can go for the basic printers. Also if enlarging or laminating is not on your mind, basic printers are the ideal choice. Even if you are choosing a basic printer, it is important that you purchase something good like the Canon photo printer in order to get your money’s worth.
  • A photo printer may be of Dye Sublimation technology or Inkjet technology. What you choose will depend on what you are planning on using the printer for. You should go for the latter if you want to print both text and photos and you should go for Dye Sublimation technology printers if you are planning to print only photographs.
  • The next factor to consider is the resolution. Printers come with specific resolution measured in DPI or Dots per Inch. You can ask the Canon printer support for additional details about the resolution of different models before picking one.

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  • It is important to go through photo printer reviews before making your purchase. The reviews will give you a clear idea of the particular photo printer and this will automatically make you choice easier.
  • When you pick a model, make sure you look for added features such as memory card slots. Some printers also have a LCD screen but you will have to pay more for these. Also keep in mind costs like cartridges and paper.

Now that you know what to look for, it is time you make your purchase.