The best way to fix a clogged kitchen sink is to know the telltale signs of clogging before it worsen and affect the whole drainage system. You don’t have to wait for the water to go all the way up to know that your kitchen sink clogged. There are signs that you can observe to see if there is a clog somewhere down the pipes. Read on and know what are the signs of a clogged kitchen sink or if you are dealing with more than just a clogged kitchen sink drain.

Signs Of A Clogged Kitchen Sink

  • One of the signs that say you have a clogged kitchen sink drain is if you can smell a distinct scent of dampness underneath the sink that is very similar to the smell of a basement. This is mildew build-up resulting from water accumulation somewhere in the kitchen sink drainage pipes.

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  • A gurgling sound of water draining into the sink is also a sign of a clogged kitchen sink. This means that the water is encountering some obstacles in the pipes and is having difficulty in going down.

  • Another thing that tells you have a clogging problem in your hand is if the water that drains into the sink bubbles before going down. This means that it is taking a lot of effort and pressure to go down and air is pushing up causing the bubbles.

  • The most obvious sign is when the sink takes a lot of time before it empties.

Sometimes, people don’t take notice of these signs too much especially for a kitchen with two sinks. But if the kitchen sink clogged on both sides at the same time then it means that the clog is affecting both sides and must be somewhere around the trap (an ESS pipe) where the two drain pipes of both sink meet. Often, these traps are lying sideways wherein the other side is going to the kitchen sink disposal, if there is any.

If cleaning the traps of the clogged kitchen sink with disposal unit does not work or did not do anything to alleviate the clogged kitchen sink drainage problem, then the problem might be deeper into the sink pipes to the sewer or both pipes of the sinks have blockages. If this is the case, you not only have one but two clogged kitchen sinks to fix that you’d wish you took more notice on signs of clogging before it got worst.

In case you suspect of a greater problem like clogging

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how to deal with clogged kitchen sink drain

at the sewer, check all your drainage and see if the water sink down too slow or if the toilet does not flush as quickly like before. If you see that only the kitchen sinks are having difficulty, then the clog must be somewhere up the pipes traps and not below it.

Tips To Prevent Clogged Kitchen Sink

  • Rinse you plate and throw away leftovers at the trash can, never into the sink.

  • Even if you cannot see any sign of clogging, you need to do some unclogging to clean the pipes and prevent accumulation of greasy substances within it.

  • Foods like rice and flour opens up or expands when they get submerged in water. Keep these foods or any other kitchen stuff like this away from the sink.

There are many tips and advices online that will help you unclog the kitchen sink. But as the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. Unclogging sinks can be a messy job so it is best to avoid it as much as possible. Preventing a clogged kitchen sink or noticing any telltale sign of it will make a lot difference.