Choosing the best type of scent for you could be made easier by using a perfume buying guide. Although the various fragrances that are available on the market, such as the Red Door perfume, could look confusing, there are in fact, just four general kinds of perfumes. You can choose a perfume from the perfume buying guide categories, depending on your personal preference and budget.

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Four General Kinds of Perfumes

  • Parfum or Perfume – This has the highest amount of scent can be very expensive. Just a small amount of perfume can last through the day.
  • Eau de Parfum – This kind comes second to perfumes in terms of durability and strength, making it a preferred choice among many.
  • Eau de Toilette – If you are going to look at a perfume buying guide, you will find that this is another popular type. It is cheaper than an Eau de Parfum but its scent does not last as long.
  • Eau de Cologne – This type has the smallest amount of scent. It is also the cheapest type of perfume and does not last long.

If you prefer perfume oils, they can be a good deal since you can bring them around with you. They are often sold as balm types packed in small pots, so they are perfectly portable and you do not have to worry about breakages or leaks.

Considerations When Buying Perfume

  • Fragrance Notes – These are the scents of the various ingredients included in a perfume. The notes of a perfume form three separate layers. The first to be noticed are the top notes. However, they do not linger for long since the middle or heart notes will start coming into play. It is followed by the base notes, which are the longest lasting scents and provide the full character to a perfume. If you hate a particular scent, make sure that the perfume you choose does not have it.
  • Categories – There are several categories of perfumes and these include citrus, floral, chypre, woody, aquatic, leather and oriental. Usually, women choose from two different categories. Thus if you are going to buy a perfume, check if it belongs to a category that you appreciate.
  • Occasions – There are perfumes that are heavier than the others. Refreshing and light scents should be worn during daytimes and on summer months. For special occasions and during evenings, sensual and warm scents are more appropriate. Your preference can vary so it would be nice if you will have available options.

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Depending on your preference and budget, you will be able to choose from various scents available in the market. Make this guide serve as your aid in choosing which scent and which kind of perfume you like best.